How to Write a Book Review Format

Writing a review format

As one writes a book review. You will find below a list of questions about your book. Some of the most important tips for checking are as follows. Whatever format is used, it should be included. Note the format of the book, e.

g. layout, binding, etc., if necessary.

Format of the book review

GENHIDHAM DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH SESSION 2012-13 BOOK REVIEW, book name, authors summary of the plot/ storyline your opinions your opinion your recommendation steps in reviewing a book:(Note: you do not have to reply to every single query; these are only proposals for drafting a guide.)1. write at least 3-4 phrases about the storyline What was the storyline?

All the protagonists? So what did the protagonists in the game do? The protagonists have any problem? Have the protagonists had any kind of adventure? Who' s your favourite person? Why? 2. Your own experience could you refer to one of the figures in the film? Did you ever do some of the things or feel that some of the same things itcharacters did? 3. Did you like the book?

Which part of the book did you like best? Have you got an unpopular part of the book? And if you could make any changes in the book, what would it be (if you wish you could make changes to the ending, keep in mind not to betray the end of the story you have read)4.

Which kind of people would like this book?

Format of book review (1)

Bookspeak The bookpeak: o Although a bookpeak, like a bookpeak, does spend some amount of your book discussion, its primary objective is not informative, but analytic and cogent. It analyzes the contents, format, arguments and contexts in which the book was composed and arguments that the book is readable or not.

Preparation for the book review: You should take a note of the following areas before you write the book review, but after reading the book: www. The Author: w Background and Qualification w Explanation w Explanation w Using Resources (see Bibliography & List of Illustrations) w Its Objective in Typing the Book The Book Format: w Table of Contents w Section & Chapters Title w Index w Intro (often specifies Format, Objective and Target Group) The Content: w Introduction/Conclusion w Foreword w Chapters Abstracts, graphics, illustrations etc.

Book review structure: You can use the following format for the book review. You do not have to reply to every single query; these are just proposals to help you write. o A general book description: name, writer, topic and format. It is also possible to associate the book name with the topic to show how the topic is explained by the name: o A brief abstract of the book's objective and its general point or topic. o Add a message about who the book is for: o Your dissertation on the book:

How do you feel about the book's idea? Will it be an appropriate letter about the issue for the audiences that have been identify?

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