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An irresistible book suggestion by Michael Larsen. Recommended by Michael Larsen's How to Write a. Book Proposal. Any good non-fiction suggestions should include the following and query letters. I just want the book and no paperback (small office).

What is the best way to write a book proposal by Michael Larsen?

Writing a book suggestion

The source for the publication of your work is how to write a book proposal. A reworked version of the Writer's Digest Books bestseller describes how to make an efficient non-fiction proposal in a clear, step-by-step process. You' ll be taught the keys to a winning book suggestion and how to do it: The renowned agency and writer Michael Larsen also offers insight into the publisher's business and a wealth of the latest information:

Latest changes in the printing sector. We have new samples. Writing a book suggestion is a must for every season! When you are not happy with your order, please send the item(s) back within 30 workingdays after purchase date, unless otherwise stated on the products page.

It is your responsibility to pay the cost of returning the goods. We kindly ask you to enclose a filled out returns form with your consignment. Refund will take up to one weeks once we have recieved the goods. Larsen is co-founder of the Michael Larsen/Elizabeth Pomada Literary Agent, the oldest agent in North California. As a member of the Association of Authors' Repräsentatives (AAR), he gives talks and holds nationwide workshops on the topics of authoring, communication and publish.

He is the writer or co-author of eleven novels.

Michaël Larsen (Author), : 9781440348174 :


When you want to release a book, you must present it to editors and editors with a knock-your-socks-off proposal. If you are looking for a conventional media to have your own book released, or if you are trying to find an agency for your graphical novel, memoirs or non-fiction titles, you need an irresistable suggestion.

So the better your proposal, the better the issuer, the better the promoter and the better the deals you get. To nail your proposal, you need to know how publishing houses work and how you can label yourself, create a publishing plattform and organize your book. In How to Write a Book Proposal Edition you will finden Sie :

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