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Writing a book about Amazon

Aside from one thing, he doesn't really write the books he publishes. Let's say you write a book about "How to Make Dog Treats". Writing a Book: & Selling It on Amazon (Make Money Writing, Self-Publishing, Marketing & Selling More Non-Fiction & Fiction Bestselling Novels) & Marketing an eBook for Kindle Success, Jenny Loveless, eBook

If you want to write and post about Amazon, you have to do so! Thought it would be a great book because it was written by an authority on the field. She' s a best-selling writer and at least one of her works has even been shortlisted for an awards.

She' just like you and me, but she found out the hidden stuff to successfully release Kindle novels. Many" gurus" just want you to buy and track their produce and release as many ledgers as possible as quickly as they can, so I've seen a bunch of really shitty things that have been posted and released on Amazon.

They are following these leaders and wondering why they are not succeeding. Publication of good workmanship needs a lot of patience, but believe me, it's rewarding. The book will take you to the next stage and teach you things no one else does, and she has learnt this by trying and is ready to do so.

If you want to succeed with Kindle Publishing, take from me not only to look at this book, but to look at it and understand it, then take the council and use it for yourself. This book is very much recommended.

Writing an Amazon book review

Whilst the Amazon book descriptions have no influence on visitor numbers (i.e. findability), they are one of the most important transformation drivers (together with the covers, the book review and the look-inside). "As soon as your sleeve attracts them, you have to get them to take the next steps and buy your book. That'?s what a delineation does.

This will help your prospective readers to comprehend what the book is about and why they want to know it," stresses Doane. In 2012, the writer Alessandra Torre herself released her first book and in the first three month of publication was selling between five and fifteen books a days.

Then on a whim, she modified the cover text on her Amazon page and saw her day-to-day purchases leap to 300 overnights. Optimising your book descriptions for your booksellers is crucial. This article, how to write a book review, summarizes the entire book writing procedure for both novels and non-fictionists: in three steps:

Amazons will only display the first few words of your descriptive text, which means you have very little room to attract a reader's interest and learn more about it. If your review is edited by Amazon or Goodreads, please include it in your review. But if you don't (yet) have appropriate ratings or sale statistics, make sure your first set has a biting, compelling catch.

One of the keys to a good news item is to trap catchphrases that immediately recognise folks on the chase for their next reading. Here is an example of a self-publishing writer using soft-printing to engage the reader. "It says the millions of copies of the book have been sold here," and lets the reader know that these titles are very well-loved.

They can still give the reader something to hold on to: perhaps an atmospheric slogan or a powerful cling. Just like in the case of literature writings, your title must tempt someone to meet "Read More" with one or two motivational lines. So if you don't have a comment or quotation to begin your discussion, try one of these options:

Draw us a quick idea of what we could get out of your book. Amazon for The Power of Habit uses a heading that packs the reader with a suggestion: It almost seems to describe a fictional story, which is all the more interesting when we hear that it is a fact.

Framed in this historical way, we are asked to ask "how" and then we are asked to study more so that we can respond to our own questions. A tip to optimize your Amazon headline: "Don't think that a book review has to be a few heels. To give your heading some help visually, you can use some of these Amazon style tips:

Key words are the crumbs of bread you are leaving so people can find your book, and they are particularly important in the cover text in which you tell them what your book is about. Adhering to Mark Dawson's book description as an example, here is part of a cover text from another of his thrillers:

Key words such as "murder" and "former murderer of the government" let the user know exactly what matters. But don't tell the whole story to the people. It is because authors devote so much effort to create all the small detail of the novel's worlds that they often feel afraid of omitting something and end up giving the viewer too many intricacies.

In case of doubts, add these three elements: Take a deeper look at these three items and see samples of genuine Amazon book pages in our article about typing an irresistibly cover text for your novel. If it' s about letting your reader know what your book is about, it is not the right moment to take a bird's eye perspective; you want to know exactly what your book is about and why it is worth reading.

To what kind of problems, challenges or questions is your book aimed? Exactly what will people take away from your book? A lot of non-fiction book titles do this by enumerating themes such as Timothy Ferriss's Amazon page for The 4-Hour Workweek. For more information on how to write a non-fiction book, read our guideline for making the back of a bookback.

Let me give you a brief note: non-fiction authors often use the superlative, which can seem dishonest and hyperbolical. When you say that your book is the greatest asset of all times on a topic, you better support that message with some strong argument. Hints for optimising your cover text for Amazon: Repetition of your Amazon key words in your cover is said to make your book ranking for these key words higher - unless you begin with the key word filling, which will be severely punished.

When browsing Amazon long enough, you will see cases where the titles and descriptions are packaged with as many key words as possible. As long as your cover and your descriptive text are pertinent and readable, you should be clear. In the ideal case, the end of your book descriptions will encourage the potential reader to act: to buy your book.

When someone reads the descriptions on your Amazon page, it's probably because they're already looking for a book like yours. When you have made it to the end of your descriptions, this means that you are interested. Now all you have to do is understand why your particular book is the one you should next look at.

TIPPS FOR BELLETRY..... Persuade your reader that your novel is right for them: By taking this path, make sure you find a good compromise between creating links to favorite textbooks that are already known and showing how special yours is. Well, that includes a lot of good criticism. Whilst literary writers develop relations with personalities, non-fiction writers refer directly to the author.

Encourage your book by immediately putting the seed of this link. See the end of the Jen Sincero's You Are a Badass description: Sincero used a little more down-to-earth style for the preceding parts of the Amazon site, while still building the foundation of confidence.

You repeat what the reader gets out of the book and invites him to immerse himself. Tips to optimize your follow-up for Amazon: Don't expect anyone to post the book on your Amazon page - put them in the book descriptions yourself. Follow-up is a great place to involve them, and if you already have a rapport with some of your critics, you can always ask them if you can easily change their rating to cover all key words you haven't met yet.

You' re working on your eye-catching headlines, your tempting cover text, your latest sales arguments and you're working on an ass book review. However, if you find that your book still doesn't work the way you want it to, you can work with a specialist journalist to make sure your book makes a convincing first impact.

A number of writers even work on your book descriptions as part of your service pack. Did you get one of your own tips for an efficient Amazon bookstyle? Everything you need to know about Amazon algorithms. Find out how to use Amazon's algorithms to resize the Kindle Store charting with this free 10-part price.

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