How to Write a Book of Shadows

Writing a Book of Shadows

Record all rituals and spells you have created step by step. The Book of Shadows is your personal diary of your magical journey. As long as you have your name and the Book of Shadows in it. One common way to do this is to write:

Like creating a Book of Shadows:  7 Step (with pictures)

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To make your own Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows is your own diary of your magic trip. Write down all the information and insight you get from other witches, the universe, your dream, your book and website, and any other wellspring. Write down your spell before throwing it and make a note of the audition and your results.

It' wisdom for all magic practicians of any traditions to have a Book of Shadows, as it is an priceless asset to which you will always revert if your memories fail, not to speak of the unbelievably profound insights you gain through your regular examination of your Book of Shadows and through your own Spiritual development.

You need a book to make your Book of Shadows. They can buy an empty magazine or a specialised book of shadows on-line or in many specialist stores. A Book of Shadows is more important than the shape of the book. Use a 3-ring binding with sheet metal or even a booklet or a book of compositions to get in.

If you can't buy it now, you can still copy your memos into a fancy book later. When I like the ceremony, I'll put it in my Book of Shadows. On any 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of sheet of hard copy I can take a note to write on and later on to my book of shadows, I can even typ it.

I can use divider to make cuts. AND, my mamma made me a skilful stitched web covering for my wallet making it look and feel like a" real" book of shadows (check out http://makezine. com/craft/how-to_sew_a_simple_fabric_boo/ for directions w... Or you can make an envelope out of a piece of hard copy or get a folder with a transparent envelope on the outside, then you can colour, design or even copy an envelope and insert it directly into your transparent envelope.

Many people like to have a custom stick for their Book of Shadows. Don't let your shortage of a really funky stylus disrupt the making of your Book of Shadows! Think about how you want to organise your book. Though there are other ways, some good ways are the table of contents or the tab styles and the index styles.

Contents Organization includes subdividing your book into chapters and a contents directory somewhere in the book, usually near the beginning or end, which will list the start page number of each section. You can also display the segments on tab pages. When you use an empty book, booklet or composite book, you can number your pages and make a directory, or you can use coloured Post-it tablets to highlight each section in your book.

When creating a table of contents, make sure that you are creating it on the second page and not on the first page. Don't try to fill these parts at this point, otherwise delays may occur. Simply compose your paragraphs, select them and proceed to the next assignment.

Indexing does not subdivide the book into segments. Instead, enumerate your major themes near the back or front of the book, where they can be readily referred to, and when you write in your book, enumerate the page number of what you have just written under the corresponding theme in your index.

So, instead of scrolling through paragraphs, you would look at your index and see that you have written about Theme A on pages 8, 17, 22 and 91, and scroll to these pages to find what you are looking for. As you have written the book, you probably wouldn't have to go through all these pages to find exactly what you were looking for, because you may recall that you have written something recently or a long since.

While the following paragraphs are proposed, you can either include or exclude the paragraphs that best fit your own practices and do not think you need to follow this order. This section will capture the specific date and meaning of all the sacred feasts you are celebrating and all the initiation rituals you are experiencing, either as recipients of the or as ministers of the oracle.

They can be the Western Sabbath as well as any Western Sabbath you attend each month, and includes your own particular private day such as birthdays, dedications, handfasts and wedding rides, adult ritual, nomination ceremony and whatever comes up in your own lives and work. Take note of the meaning of each occasion, the ceremonials associated with each occasion, as well as specific food, decoration and gifts, and ceremony records and records of each and every one of the events you are celebrating.

Celebrating these with your loved ones, your Book of Shadows will become a very unique heritage that will be passed down through the generation. This section is where you write down every cast before you cast it. You will then report the real magic after you have cast it and write about the results of the magic.

We meet many beautiful songs on-line, in textbooks and in pubic ceremonies and some of us even write our own. Her Book of Shadows should have a section for them, even if they can be found in the Sacred Day Riitual and Magic parts. Don't be shy of" stealing" someone else's singing, prayers or songs for your own use; for this they have brought them out, just write down the name of the writer if you can find him.

When you want to post your Book of Shadows in either printed or electronic form (blog, website, e-book, etc.), you must consult the writer or editor to obtain the recording permit. There are some who like to keep their own personal magazine, and that's a good thing. When you travel, participate in astral projection or meditate, keep a diary to keep track of your experience and thoughts during these activities.

There are some who like to keep a trip or a book of meditations separated from their Book of Shadows, and that's a good thing. In a book or website, sometimes you come across information you want to bite on for a while before adding it to the Book of Shadows.

It' cute to have an additional section at the end of your book of shadows to write down just in. that was some strong material and of course you want to write down the name of the seller you found at renfestival who wore the precise pearls you've been looking for so you can order more from their website and you want to record the date you felt like you were in a nebula all the day, so you can live speculating on the argumentation for your nebula later if you feel clearer.

If you have not already bought your book with decorations, you may want to do so. Before I had it decorating, I had you make parts to use it, because I want you to be able to use it immediately, even if it isn't tech... (Your Book of Shadows will never be finished).

They can be painted or drawn directly on the book, or use scrapbook accessories if that's what you like. I' ve also seen Shadow Book, all lit up with drafts of plants, body positions and just scribbles, and that's marvelous. As more /you/ you add to your book, the more individual and magic it becomes.

Don't let yourself get entangled in the decorations and don't write. If you are an artiste and would rather publish in illustration, that's a good thing! Clean your book with your favorite way and then dedicate it, that is, explain its holy use. When that' done, open your book on the first page and write this:

There are some people who have composed some blessings of the Book of Shadows that you might want to use, and there are some more sophisticated blessings out there. Many of them can be found with the keywords "Book of Shadows Blessing" in your preferred browser. Now stall the book, best over a candlestick or a lit frankincense (high enough not to burn ) and just hear what you have just made.

A lot of folks like to write something unusual in their Book of Shadows. Many artists use a calligraphic style, others like to write in a magic tongue or cipher. I' m always writing italics in my Book of Shadows. For me it felt chic and will apparently be a death in another family.

Keep going and be smart if you want, but don't get into this. When you find that you spend more of your life rewriting less perfected or looking up magic tongues than actually reading your book, let your imagination go and do something about it. Most important is that you write.

You write every single one. Hold your Book of Shadows by your bedside so you can write down your dream when you awaken and so that it is within your grasp when you awaken from a deep nap with a bright sight you won't even recall in the mornings.

When you don't write every single penny, at least write every single magic and every holy year. If your Book of Shadows is overcrowded, you can file it and make a new one. At first I suggest you study your old book in its entirety. It will give you a useful glimpse into your magic development and allow you to pinpoint all the information you need to make sure it is translated into the new book.

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