How to Write a Book like Stephen King

As one writes a book like Stephen King

Feel free to write. Like Stephen King writes You can write a storyline in many ways: you can either begin by interviewing your character, plan the storyline before you begin to write, or use Stephen King's point of departure, which begins with the scene....

. With King's proposal I thought of a dilemma and then made history.

It wasn't planned in advance; the characters' personages came out when I was writing the game. They were two neighboring ladies. And I wasn't sure where the whole thing would lead. And I let it evolve when I made it. I didn't think I would be writing the tale I had in the end.

And I let the player guide the action. As you write your storyline, you may get an impression of where the action will go, but Meinke proposes that you let go of the action and listen to the characters. He asks "what if" and thinks of various different scenarios that he transforms into a book.

For Stephen King, storytelling is more interesting when it' s done by a person than storytelling. They do not tamper with their personalities by dictating the action; they observe what happens and then record it. The King begins with a setting. Are you planning your tales before you do it? Are you starting with a personality or a scenario?

You know where your tale ends before you start typing? They are all good ways to create tales. However, today you might try to start with a scenario and follow a player who will take you to the end. You with Stephen King? You think it's better to start with a scenario and let the protagonists tell their own storyline than to start by plotting?

Tonight we will take a personality and put it in a position, and then we' ll type to see what the character(s) want to do. It'?s for fifteen mins. Once you're done, post your testimonials on your office and don't miss to give your colleagues your own feedbacks!

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