How to Write a Book in word

Writing a book in words

Now you are ready to bring your book into this format. Thats like submitting it would be more work and expense writing it. Here is a small selection of tips for novelists and Microsoft Word users. These are some solutions to convert your Word document to PDF. You can download our free Microsoft Word book templates.

Formatting your book for self-publication

These are the basic procedures for reformatting your script in Microsoft Word for self-publication. This includes adjusting the right bleed length, adjusting the right borders, text reformatting and page numbers. Make sure your book is in ONE digital document. In order to be formatted to our other formats, please alter the "PAPER SIZE" according to the following Instruction.

Open a NEW DISPLAY in MICROSOFT WORD and under PAGE LAYOUT, click PAGE SETUP. Place your markins on mirror margin, with the inner edges being.75? and the outer edges being.5?. That makes room for the book's binder. It is recommended to use .7" for the upper and lower margin.

FULL Adjusted and Single Spaced PARAGRAPHES. Now you are prepared to bring your book into this size. Exit your book library. If the empty toolbar is open in Microsoft Word, go to the top toolbar and the INSERT page. Select OBJECT and then click Text from Disk.

Choose your book and click Paste. Now you have brought your book into the right base size. When your book is in different folders, for example, each folder in its own folder, you must insert folder One, then place the curser at the end of folder One and folder Two, etc., in the General Ledger folder.

As soon as the document is added, look at the page sizes on your TWO PAGES. It simplifies the visualization of page position and page numbers. Keep the fonts and sizes constant for a professional-looking book. In order to start page counting, you must first add a SECTION BRACK on the last page before the ONE page starts.

For the most part, page one is also the first page of section one. The ONE page and all other ODD-NUMBERED pages are right pages. A Page ONE is always an ODD-NUMBERED and RIGHT-HAND page. This can be a little irritating when working in Microsoft Word. If you view the file as TWO PAGES, a right page may appear on the lefthand side of the display.

The page ONE then has the page number on the right side of the page and is therefore a right side. When the ONE page is a lefthand page, just add a PAGE BAK before the SECTION BAK. Keep in mind that you are making a book, so think you have the book open in front of you on the desk.

How to adjust the page numbers in MS Word 7 and 10: Each section should start on a separate RIGHT-HAND page. Frequently this involves the addition of an empty page at the end of a section so that the next section begins on a RIGHT-HAND page. We can accept that you are not following the right one.

Registration also gives you full acces to our pre-formatted MS Word templates, which you can easily downloaded to your computer.

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