How to Write a Book in one Day

Writing a book in one day

You will need to plan approximately one day per week to sketch a few chapters. Like most aspects of sketching, character sketches are a process of brainstorming. One genre makes it work over and over again. Someday I'll write about this place. Can you write a lot of words in one day?

"I' m going to write a book about you one day": assassination attempt

I recently had to take The Prince for an impending historiography examination at university, but I knew beforehand that Machiavelli told AC: Brotherhood Ezio that he intended to write a book about him. Can' t understand why they think "The Prince" is about Ezio? It is a book that provides guidance on how to take over and maintain control.

Machiavelli saw Cesare Borgia as an almost imperfect "prince" in reality. He was preaching the very opposite, he was building his fraternity with affection and awe. While Ezio may have seen the underworld for what it really is, he did not use what Machiavelli had written in his book. It is a poor presumption to believe that "The Prince" is Ezio-made.

From Binyavanga Wainainaina

A New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice**A Publishers Weekly Top Ten Book of the Year*Binyavanga Wainain has become unbalanced with the surrounding environment through his bourgeois kenyanhood. It was a chaotic and colourful world: the hairdryers in his mother's salon, dark momba bike-bell, Nairobi mechanic, Michael Jackson's tunes - all interrupted by the contagious smiles of his siblings Jimmy and Ciru.

Wainainainaina leads us in this lively and captivating début memoire through his schooldays, his mother's time of religion, his unsuccessful attempts to go to South Africa to learn computer programming, a touching meeting in Uganda and his journeys through Kenya. He is always drawn to the countryside in front of him, but he also provokes the changing politics that worry his opinions of home, people and nation.

Wainainainaina consistently renounces stereotypes and clichés and draws every sequence in One Day I Will Write About This Place with a very striking and catchy pen.

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