How to Write a Book in English

Writing a book in English

The books are written for young adults and older adults, but the language is still quite simple. I' ve developed this idea for a book, but I don't know if I should write it in English or in my mother tongue. It'?s my mother tongue I like more. We' re writing a book.

"Any novel worthy of the name is like another planet, large or small, with its own laws, as well as its own flora and fauna.

There are 5 easy ways to write in your second voice.

When I was a fourteen-year-old Swedish schoolgirl, I was enchanted when my instructor was telling us that Joseph Conrad, a Polish emigrant to England, was writing Hert of Darkness in English, his second lang. It was a great experience, both for the breadth and ambience of the text and for the astonishing performance that its writer had done in English rather than his native languages.

When I was a child and studying English, I really liked to read writers in their native languages. However, I never thought that one of these days I would take the stick and publish my own almanac. Raised in a small city on the west coast of Sweden, Lene Fogelberg has grown a passion for poems and literature, nourished by the charming environment of her childhood: forests, farmland and the sea.

A prizewinning Swedish writer, Fogelberg has always been attracted to English and changed languages when he wrote the Memoirs beautiful afflictions released by She World' s Press in September 2015. All children in Sweden start to learn English in the 4th class, and from the very beginning I was attracted by the new schooling.

I even tried to write my own poetry in English, and I even had a "Shakespeare period" in my teens when I remembered my favourite sonnet and tried to emulate its melodic Ibicentameter. Should I liken you to a summers days.... I was jealous of those who grow up in English-speaking countries: to get this sweetheart for free: a melodic, subtle and abundant vocabulary with words like: sentendipity, ethereality and epiphany. What do you think?

I' ve often had the feeling that Swedish, by contrast, is dull and scant in words. In spite of my passion for English, I hardly even ventured to open my lips to talk this new gleaming speech because I feared that I would ring like the Swedish chef from the Muppet Show that I saw as a child: hum-di, hum-di, hum-di, hum-di, hum-di, seemed to be the only statements that could be distinguished from his mutterings.

In each of my words I could feel my painful and obvious words in Sweden. When I watched Hollywood films with sub-titles in Sweden, I liked to listen to my favourite US and UK groups sunning themselves in the words of the performers and musician, but at the same tasting that they came from a world that was secretive and out of my grasp.

Took a step into the USA when I was 31 to get out of this sense of reverence and really use the English to dare to use it. At the beginning I had to squeeze every phrase out of my timid lips, but my mind and my mouth began to get used to the weird noises and I felt that maybe this sweetheart was for me too.

It turned out that all my whole lifetime I had been living with an non-diagnosed deadly cardiac problem that US physicians had detected and addressed within a few short months. So I grabbed my new sweetheart, the British one, and began to write.

At the center of your memoirs or think about creating and publishing a great one.... That' s what my textbook is about. These are some hints for your second, third or forth languages: Use your own words and your own personal approach, even in the new world.

It is a very worthwhile resourceful learning process because you need to re-invent your own culture instead of "translating" your new one. Find a good publisher whose mother tongues are the ones you write in. Even the Swedish chef is welcome to the dinner parties. Typing, perhaps especially in your second voice, conveys a great feeling of modesty.

Swedisch, Englisch, German, French, all languages: are the focus of our people. Creating an efficient summary of your novel or memoirs. Seven good reason to write a novel that makes you great. To find all of the current authors you are looking for, click here. Here you can find the prompt for one year.

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