How to Write a Book in a Week

Writing a book in a week

((That's right: ONE WEEK.) Technically, the answer is yes (or at least likely, depending on how fast you write and how busy your schedule is). Instructions for structuring your book will help you do things right before you start writing, so you don't get stuck and don't have to rewrite anything. It has never been easier to write, publish and promote a book. I' m sure you can make it in a week.

And I know because I did it.

The things I learnt from writing a book in 1 week

that I write lawles in my free life. That means I get charged to write a book (or post, article, memoir, etc.) under someone else's name to get the loan. Usually this happens when the individual is too preoccupied to write, or perhaps an authority on their subject, but not a great author.

So, when someone asked me to take an urgent ghost-writing assignment with a deadlines in a week, I said yes, because I loved a real one. To realize, "Yes, I can", and to gain the trust I needed to write my own things. Like the Write Now podcast?

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Writing a book in a week

If you are wondering if you would like to write a book. Have you got an ideas or experiences you would like to exchange with the rest of the know? When you can resolve a issue or respond to a query that many have, that's more than enough to motivate you to write a book.

And I still recall the date when I took the first copy of my first book in my hands..... Could you envisage keeping a book you wrote? Having (co-)written 24 novels, I have improved the whole design concept from one book to the next. I would like to tell you my most important advice with what I know and after having helped 400 business people to write and write their own book.

First, we will look at the reason for not doing a book (and the excuse not to....). I will show you 10 tried and tested sizes for a book. It will help you to organize and accelerate your processes of authoring, bookmaking, promotional activities and publication. Or you can take more than a week if you like.

To us, your book is still an enormous achievement in a month's time! He has given over 1000 keynote speeches and 21 publications and contributions. Your workshop has assisted over 400 businessmen to write theirs. no excuses lady will help executives and business people turn their challenge into opportunity.

Though she didn't even write well in college, she wrote 7 best-selling Amazonas books. Yet she spends many long years rummaging and studying in bookshops to discover the secrets of good bookselling. A former datamining expert, she knows how important research is and how to find structures in every proces.

She has assisted many non-authors to have their book published and is happy to give her best advice on how to distribute and distribute it. Everyone who would like to contribute their experience, know-how and/or expertise to a book. If you don't want to waste too much of your free book and actually want to make it public.

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