How to Write a Book in a Day

Writing a book in one day

I found one of the things I found early on was that I seem to be writing pretty fast. TO LEARN HOW TO WRITE FICTION BY WRITING EVERY DAY. You want to write but don't have any free time? Don't you know where to start? When you want to write a novel within two weeks, you probably won't produce a Harry Potter.

Writing a textbook in one go

The La Salle undergraduates took up the temptation to compose a novel during the workday. Pupils across the country have taken up the challenges of writing a novel in one go and raising money for research into early cancers. Winning states will be revealed in November and will be available at children's clinics and library locations throughout Australia.

The Salle College instructor Danielle Calleja said the college this year had three groups eagerly working on the 12-hour period. First group, Lexical Paradox, wrote a romantic novel named The Courses of the Lighthouse. Second group, Page Turners, made an enthralling tale named Cursed with a builder, a mystical alien and a sea virgin.

Oxymoron's last crew, The Fortitude of Johnny No Beard, made a story about wreckage and detection. Mrs Calleja complimented all the authors and the Englishman Zola Watson who participated to help with the closing date. Commenting on the vote, Write-a-Book-in-a-Day NA Co-ordinator Pip Aitken said the WA listings would be voted into the top 10 on September 4.

CSFG Write-a-Book-in-a-Day Competition

We' ve written our manuscript in one single working year! This is a fundraiser for public children's clinics that takes place every year from April to August. Courses of 5-10 authors have 12 lessons to jointly design, create, illustrate, reprint and tie a textbook (approx. 8000 words in the Open class, less in the School class).

Contributions from ACT crews go to the Pediatrics Department at Canberra Hospital (PatCH). CSFG staff hosted our 2013 Write-a-Book-in-a-Day competition on Sunday, August 4, in a top-secret location somewhere in Canberra. We' ve collected over $870 for Paten! Many thanks to everyone who supported our group!

While it may have been helpful that our crew recorded a few recidivists from last year, the accidental storyline items that were given to us seemed really easy to collapse and it was a funny one. We still couldn't get our stories in by 8pm (two mikes before the end), but it felt as if everything had gone well.

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