How to Write a Book Fast

Writing a book quickly

You can write short books FASTER and BETTER. I recommend Writing Fast to any prospective writer. When it takes you forever to write your newsletter, blog entry or finish your book, take a look at this episode of MarieTV. You want to write a book but don't even know how to start or how to finish it? If you adopt the right habits and ways of thinking, you can write surprisingly quickly.

Like writing a book: Mystery of a super-fast first draft - SPI TV IP1

You ever wonder how to make a script? Pleas hurry? When you' re like me, sometimes you have problems with the most difficult part: just start. Posting blogs is usually straightforward, but when it comes to creating textbooks, I was totally unaware. When you' ve ever looked at a empty display and wonder what to put next, you know exactly what I'm about.

I' ve got two ledgers that I've begun and that are now gathering on my computer to collect them. The following clip (captions are on YouTube) shows you how to spell a textbook that can reach over 180 words per second and 36,000 words in two week!

I have already finished the first sketch of my next work and I had to split it with you because I know that you have a work in you if you haven't already one. There is of course much more to do after this important first design, but the beginning is the most difficult part.

Here are also some useful ressources related to authoring books for you: As part of SPI TV next Friday (a new Episode goes online every Friday!) there will be a videotour through my brandnew Home Offices! As this is SPI TV 1 and I pledge to be more coherent with the movie, I would like to ask for your help!

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