How to Write a Book Based on your Life

Where can I write a book about my life?

Collaborate with a frahling to perfect the first ten pages of your memoirs and get your book on its way to publication. Make a podcast and write a book based on what you've learned from guests. Describe the person who has had the most impact on your life. These are some important articles and resources for writing, based on frequently asked questions and my own experiences. Though the story is in no way based on her life or personality?

What would the name of a book about your life be?

Okay, so I don't (yet) have a big, astonishing or inspirational life tale. Anyway, the cover of my book would be something like this: Thanks for your feedbacks!

You will receive personal feedbacks. "If I want to write a book about my life, I will begin the book with the most remarkable thing in my life. It' a nocturnal cycling tour with my 5 mates. I found life so bad for me at one point because of the worst things that were happening to me.

Back then I had a nocturnal bicycle ride with my mates to make me happy and run away from my failings. Five boyfriends who sit on the seashore, share good times in life, have different feelings in their heads. That was the first I ever saw a flashing light, just like my mates.

After laughing at each other, we decided to leave the ocean to promise that one of these days we will be sharing our desires. Now, after years of looking back, I look back on a dark time when my wish was the fate that was waiting for me.

In my book it's all about that, also about the present, i.e. to find my boyfriends and to meet them again in one single evening on a bicycle tour and to know how this evening has affected their lives. Thanks for your feedbacks! You will receive personal feedbacks. A book about my life experiences.

And I wanted to run and restart where I'm not known, and so on. I' ve been saying for years that I will write this book. Most of my ripe life seems to have passed asking myself how human beings' potentials are at last and how infinitely powerful their minds are to walk in the lay state of the unknown.

From my response to the question: What is the TL;DR history of your life?

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