How to Write a Book Based on a True Story

Writing a book based on a true story

Welcome guest blogger, Harlow Coban! In her debut novel Life in Death, now available, Harlow is the author. Speak to family and friends. Good / Evil, Love / Hate, Birth / Death, Peace / War, etc. In short, I'm looking for a partner to write a book with me.

You know, how to write a novel based on a true story.

Welcome guest blogger, Harlow Coban! HARLOUV is the writer of LIVE IN DEATH, her first novel, which is now available. Time in Death is the first part of the Kari Marchant show. Continue reading to find out how you can turn your real-life tales into compelling fictions!

I have a story that's not hot and blurry. when I was investigating the killing of my dad. That'?s when I started writing a novel. Whilst my novel "Life in Death" is not entirely based on what my dad did, it is based on the experience I made with him.

It was a catholic one for me to write the novel. The thing I liked most and found particularly purifying was my strength to turn the story the way I thought was right. This is how you start to write a novel based on a true story: Decide what kind of history you want to write.

Decide the topic of the story: Here may or may not be the name of your book. I dreamed of the name of my book. A lot of authors, even yours, really based their personalities on human beings and then added shades to make them more complex and deep.

reading, reading, reading, reading. And the more you learn, the better you become a novelist. Finally, begin to write. To write a novel based on a true story, the secret is how to turn the story to make it pleasant for the reader. It'?s about Harlow Coban: Harlow Coban was originally from Kansas City, MO, but was raised in Denver, CO.

Harlow's positivity and freshness are her instruments and her capture is certain. In her free times she writes, dances, travels and defends letterboxes of her 16-year-old twins. Their first novel in the series of books entitled Live in Date (to be released in early 2012) is a secret of her own blood, drawing on her own background.

It felt obliged to divide its story with the rest of the rest of the world, while providing an exciting, fun and enjoyable getaway for its readership. As part of her efforts to improve the quality of life for young people, part of the profits from the sales of her book will be given to the Boys and Girls Club in her home state of North Carolina.

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