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With which application or software can I create a textbook with voice guidance?

It' not hard to create a voice pronunciation with a smartphone or tray, but it is much more difficult. Next, use Dragon NaturallySpeaking (PC) or Dragon Professional (Mac). In simple terms, there is no better voice recognizer. They can use the built-in voice detection in Mac OS or Windows and achieve an precision of 95% to 99% (depending on voice characteristic and voice recording style).

Perhaps a little less if you are not used to using voice recording programs, but it gets better when you get used to it. 95 percent precision means 5 out of 100 words are false. This is 1 out of 100, even if you get 99% precision. Also, the built-in voice detection does not have the Dragon software's corrective capabilities.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking gives you the power to adapt and adapt the language to your needs. That means you can achieve an exactness of 99.8 or even 99.9 per cent. They go from 95% (5 false in 100 words) to 99.8 (2 false in 1000).

When you seriously want to write a voice recognizing textbook, you need to buy the best software: NaturallySpeaking for Windows or Dragon Professional for Mac. Legal Disclaimer: Just to be clear, I am not associated with Nuance, the developer of Dragon voice detection solutions.

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When you really want to be writing a good one, think that you are able to type a good one and are willing to type out your cardio, if you are loving textbooks, this would be for you. So how do you begin to compose a work? Stage 1: Select a genre. Stage 2: Begin from the end.

Stage 3: Build your character. Stage 4: Make an outline. Stage 5: Draw up the first draft. Stage 6: Get a cocktail..... Stage 7: Rewrite...... Stage 8: Processing.

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