How to Write a Book and Publish it Online

What is the best way to write a book and publish it online?

Writing a book is a lot of work, but that's just writing. Certainly there were possibilities to reuse the content. We help writers all over the world to publish their books. The way to write a proposal for a non-fiction book is part art, part science and part alchemy. There are many more places online today than ever before where you can publish your words.

Writing lessons for groups online

Every group of coaches is restricted to a max. of 10 students to ensure maximal attendance and to give each member individuality. Writing without ruts ? Module Three: 16-weeks Polish and PerfectWeekly Group Coaching CallsAll three training programs are offered on-line. We' ll begin with a weeklong group coaches call, which takes place every weeks on the same date and at the same hour.

It is your own book mastermind, and during these phone conversations we check the lessons for this weeks, talk about what you have written, and receive invaluable feedbacks from the other members. The group coaching sessions are logged and are available in case you miss a meeting. Course Accessibility During this course, you' ll be able to login to the customer exclusively space and view on-line materials that include high definition tutorials, downloadable and look-up hand-outs during the class and your assignments for typing before the next class.

Available at any hour of the morning or evening, these on-line resources are available all year round! Individual Coaching SessionsInadvance to our group coaching sessions every week, you also have two 45-minute Skype meetings with me to talk about your work in more detail. The first meeting is in the middle of the 8th week of the session, the other at the end of the session.

This is how to publish your own book to support your online courses

He is interviewing best-selling writer and founder of Self-Publishing Shool Chandler Bolt on how to advertise his own self-publishing class. Chandler Bolt has released several Amazon bestsellers in just a few years since he dropped out of university. Mr. Becker is also the founder of the Self-Publishing Schule and the Online-Schule, which teach you how to compose and distribute them.

Chandler explains in this conversation how he expanded his on-line course deal to several million dollar yearly turnover and why his on-line course have one of the highest conclusion ratios in on-line educational industries.

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