How to Write a Book and have it Published

What is the best way to write a book and have it published?

I' m ambitious and have many goals in life, but writing a book was definitely not one of them. Is the working title important? How should authors attract readers before publication? Let's be honest: Writing a book is a very difficult and time-consuming process. Don't let yourself be dragged into the black pit of despair.

Publishing a textbook

When I wrote about my acidic Lulu experiences, some people asked me (including a self-proclaimed bestselling writer who has about 100 followers) who I am to make this self-publication show, and how can I dare? Although this individual needs to be remembered for something we call free expression, I have chosen to answer the question of who I am and how I can dare.

What the hell am I supposed to be doing this? I am someone who has successfully released her first volume. I mean, the work looks good, nobody found a typo (but editor Jim Reeves, thank you), and is available at Amazon and all other big-shops. My trip began with the purchase of (useless) novice literature because I wanted to sign a contract with a publishing house.

Didn't take me long to realise that wasn't going to do. For whom is this show intended? I' m bankrupt, so I had to find a way to do it on a literal $0 (zero dollar) budge. That'?s what I have to part with. It' simple to pay $1,000 for self-publication, and many will try to give you their wares.

If you don't have the cash, that's not an option. No. So, and for whom I am posting this. I' m a bestselling writer? I' m not a bestselling writer, and you don't have much of a shot at being one either. This article is intended to put the significance and misuse of the bestseller into perspective:

You' ll have almost no opportunity to read a self-publication by a genuine and non-fake bestselling writer. Genuine bestselling writers don't have the luxury of releasing themselves and have all the cash they need to help other writers afford this kind of work. So please, don't tell me not to because I' m not a bestselling writer.

That'?s why I should and am the right people for this profession. That'?s exactly the kind of man I dare: - If you are serious about self-publishing, you should dare, because you will have to come to terms with many things that require it.

However, you can help me by telling me about your experience in the commentaries to the contributions in the show. You' ll receive a big thank you in the textbook and a direct access to the desired page. Over the next few workdays you can look forward to a new position in the show.

Now you can pre-order my self-publication guide built on this blogseries (.99 $). Or you can help me by making a contribution (all donators will get a copy of the book) or become my Patreon benefactor. Return to Part 1 of this show or proceed to the next one.

When Mateja was ten years old she began writing brief novels and later became a free-lance author, listener and researcher of the inner world.

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