How to Write a Book and get Published

Writing and publishing a book

Secondly, writing a book means going two ways at the same time if you want to be successful. Writing the book and publishing the book. Being the author of an idea that deserves to be heard, you have to do both. Learn more about book suggestions and how to write them. Create a basic version of the documents of each stage according to these rules.

Writing a novel and publishing it in India

Approximately 6 years ago I resigned my career in the finance industry to write a book. I' always knew I wanted to write - something - a limerick, little tales, pages and pages with empty verses, things that would keep me intact. It was a bit unsuccessful, (it was shit, therefore), for just over three years and during what I would call the years of the blogs, I made a''weekend'' book.

So every Friday evening I opened a book called "Fuck Off Skeptics" and wrote. I' ve been on a literary trip that even I'm amazed at. That'?s a big saying, because most of the time I stay an unfilled author. I' m not as good a novelist as I would like to be, and this is a pretty disappointing place.

I' m a good author, but what I want to accomplish to create an excellent work that will amaze me (not others, me, me!) will require a great deal of work, because I am my greatest critiq. To work on my thesis, I submitted an application and was admitted to the Asian MFA of the City University of Hong Kong.

Among other unpredictable teachings from real world, the MFA was the foreman of my trade, the facilitator of my written disciplines, and was the coherent power that led to the perfection of my novel. After I finished the work, the next obvious thing was to find a publishers. Here is a picture for you to think about if you are a novelist who wants to publish your novel in India.

They go to all the literature festival where well-known acquisition writers enter the scene and eagerly talk into a mike and say: "Yes, we are always looking for new, refreshing texts", and they go home and are sure that they are really looking for "you". This was me for the longest period of my life until I found Kanishka Gupta, Asia's biggest wife.

It fascinated me when I saw that he had a 90% pass rating, and I learned from the first research that he had no hesitation in promoting new, unreleased authors as long as the work was good. It is also an impressing register of authors, about 400 of them!

His novel "The Story of Hatred" was also nominated for the Man-Asian Literature Prize. To whom can one turn better than to a novelist who had both good will and influence in the Hindi publisher world? My novel "The Heavens We Chase" was approved for launch by Roli Books under her India Ink Imprint and will be published at the end of this monthly.

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