How to Write a Book and get it Published

Writing and publishing a book

For more information and to be guided through every step of writing a bestseller, click here. Here you can also download a complete reference work for all these writing tips. Use the tools you need to write your book. Quit dreaming and write a bestseller. You' re spending thousands of hours writing your masterpiece.

Just compose the book and have it released!

Many freelancers have authored - or want to author - a novel, whether you work in the fields of dance, poetry, music, journalists or other types of work. Or it could be a fictional title: the novel you always wanted to do. To have a volume released has a good name for being hard, and that keeps them from trying.

It is a challenge, but every year it publishes a thousand more. The purpose of this one-day workshops is to give you a real understanding of how to create your first volume and how and where to market it. What is your brainchild? Is it gonna make a ledger? Anybody who has authored, writes or wants to resell a work ( "You should have at least one fundamental concept of the work you want to write").

They should be expecting to exit this work shop where you can better refocus your book/idea; how you can adapt the letter to your life style; how you can present yourself and your textbook and how you can get ready for the world. POLITICAL REQUEST: If you manage to get a place in this course and you are not able to participate due to unexpected conditions, please let us know as soon as possible as we have more participants on the waitlist to whom we can assign your place.

NOTICE: 1. If we reschedule or cancelled this course due to unexpected events (this only occurred twice in five years due to a tutoring disease and an underground strike), we will not be able to refund any cost such as pre-booked travelling arrangements. Should this be the case in the near term, we will notify you by e-mail and phone as soon as we know there is a rejection and try to reschedule the work-shop.

It is our duty to conduct a brief gender and variety questionnaire that you must complete before or during the workshops. In order to register for this free one-day seminar, please fill out the following brief registration document.

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