How to Write a Book Analysis

Writing a book analysis

Ignore the author's thesis and purpose. Understand the structure of the passage by identifying all the main ideas. Use a dictionary or encyclopedia to understand material you don't know. Get an overview of the work or write a description. Please write a summary of the work.

As one writes a book analysis.

A number of undergraduates have difficulties to write a proper book analysis (one of the tasks in Engelska 6 and Engelska 7) in which a person's own interpretations are to be upheld. Therefore, a few video clips have been created to help you understand how to put together a proper theory, how to protect it by using quotations as proof to back up an ideas you have already presented and declared.

In order to make a good analysis, you must limit the abstract of the story to a few phrases in the introductory (in an article of this length, 700-1200 words, you do not need any general information about the writer - it is sufficient to indicate who has written the book). You should also introduce it with a very clear, succinct and easy-to-understand hypothesis to which you can refer in your work.

It has to be unique and focus on a particular part of the novel, not the whole of history. Then, write a set of sections containing different arguments related to the thesis with citations from the text to assist and extend each of them. Eventually, you conclude with a deduction that summarizes your case (and not the action) and goes back to the hypothesis you started with.

I am often approached by people who find this job overwhelmingly, which is a shame because there is so much liberty to choose a novel to read. So I really hope that these movies will allow you to learn the fundamentals of literary analysis and the application of English formally, so that you can concentrate on the pleasure of literacy and analysis instead of fighting with the texture and understanding how to write a proper theory.

What's good about the You Tube video is that you can watch it whenever you have a moment and take a break, when you think you want a nice glass of tee or espresso.... or just have the feeling that the information is a little overpowering, so you need some extra thought about it in the context of your particular novel.

Hopefully this brief video tutorial will help you master possible challanges while you sit alone in your room and think about how to present a good book review you can be proud of.

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