How to Write a Book about yourself

Writing a book about yourself

The Write Yourself is the ideal way to help groups and individuals find inspiration for their creative, personal writing voices. It' supposed to be like the plot of a good book! If you write about yourself, are you worried if it's interesting enough? So I decided to give some tips on how to write a professional book. In order to ensure that your book pleases you, set yourself a target group (which you would like to read).

Are you writing for yourself or for today's book buyers?

The emergence of e-books, print-on-demand paperback, Kindle, self-publishing, purchasing books and of course the emergence of on-line critics has transformed the books in almost every respect. There is nothing as it was ten years ago, so everyone who worked in the books printing business had to make changes, adjustments, acceptance and modifications to meet a constantly shifting and developing world.

Nevertheless, they consume novels that have less exposure, less awareness and less readiness to wait hundreds of years for the campaign to begin. Dostoyevsky would have been a complete failure in today's cybersector. Today's consumers are increasingly on the phone, which means that thousand of words that describe how a bunch of filthy crockery lies in a kitchen sinks would quickly be wasted.

However, in today's literary environment, it may be necessary to leave out all this old wise counsel and adopt a new script. Someone who says: "Give the reader what they want and give it to them quickly. It makes a number of points that are of relevance to authors today. They' ve been teaching us in typing studios to show, not tell - well, showing needs a while.

Go to the campaign, stop the construction of the planet and stop caring about nuances. About the perception of porno she writes: "Book purchasers today want to be entertained, flee and above all satisfied immediately. It' a worthwhile idea that it is not an exercise that is only applicable to textbooks and e-books. There is no doubt that the web is all about readings text, so electronic literature and textbooks are but a small part of a very competing marketing.

Today's readers and buyers of books are no longer the same animals they were ten years ago, so would I rightly assume that you as a novelist, like me, are still doing it for yourself and for a long while? If you look at e-books in particular, which sell well now, they are clearly spelled out for a particular commercial niche category and quickly get hooked to the tale intelligently to the reader. ΓΏ If you are looking at e-books in particular, they are clearly meant for a particular one.

Those ledgers are made for the markets and not for the author's emotional. The title pages of bestsellers of certain categories also have a similar colour and style that are clearly aimed at a specific readership. It'?s not a work. It is a competitor in a fiercely contested onlinemarket.

Maybe it's not about the writer. It is now a question of creating a merchantable and salable commodity that today's consumers want to buy. So are you still doing your own research or for today's reader and buyer?

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