How to Write a Book about yourself

Writing a book about yourself

As a matter of fact, I could write an entire book on the subject, but I was very strict with myself. Honestly, I would give more stars if I could! The perfect summer gift for your rosé-obsessed friend - or yourself. ("The paperback just came out!") It was great.

Now it feels like everyone I meet is telling me about the secret book project they've always wanted to write.

First of all, why you should write for yourself

Had no idea the book would ever be out. If I didn't think anyone would be able to do it? I was hoping at least one of you would actually be able to see it. For many years I had enjoyed and enjoyed certain types of crime stories.

I' ve found a fistful of authors whose works I've devoured: It seemed to me after a while that I had grasped what they were doing - not only that I was understanding their textbooks, but that I saw the arts behind the whole idea of investigative history, the way it was created.

Thought it would be an interesting test to test this assumption, to try to write one myself. I had a few thoughts: a creepy opening, a murderous killer, an impractical felony, a tireless investigator, a troubled family. Different colourful personalities began to inhabit the area.

Then, at some point, with all my scrawled jotted down paperwork, I began to write. And I was pretty sure if and when I had completed the tale that my woman would be reading it, and that would be the end. So, sometimes unconscious, sometimes conscious, I wrote it for her.

I' ve written her. And when she was about to start reading it, she said she liked it. Not only did she love it, she thought it was really good and I should try to find an operative and publish it. I followed her suggestion and got a beautiful sales representative, Molly Friedrich; a beautiful distributor, Random House; a beautiful distributor, Rick Horgan; and ended with an internationally bestselling book that has been selling to 27 distributors around the globe, with tens of thousand of readers; and deals for two more titles - among them my new hit, LET THE DEVIL LLEEP.

I have a funny vibe about everything. If I wanted to write for tens of thousand of readers, I feel I might not have received any. It seems to me that the popularity of my book stems from the fact that I knew who I was working for.

I' ve written it for someone whose intellect I have regard, whose humour I agree with, whose opinion I appreciate. I' ve written it for someone whose sensitivity I never meant to upset. I' ve written it for someone I' m in awe of. Read Les Edgerton's Guides, HOOKED to learn how your fantasy can attract people.

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