How to Write a Book about your Life Story

Writing a book about his life story

Purchase How to Write Your Own Life Story: How often people come to me and say: "Tell me how I should write a book about my life. You' ve got a special story worth telling. You just have to learn how to write a life story about yourself. To get a free copy of Chandler Bolt's "Book Launch":

First 3 Stages in Personal History Creation

This fast, unique exercise can show us what we want and how we can tell our story. They could end with a book..... Loving my life, loving my puppy, loving my children. First, if you want to write a memoirs, this 3 phrase text will make up the book in three sentences.

It' really a super short story of your life - a beginning, a center and the now, if you like. If you don't have the impetus to write another term, the practice can show you how you see yourself, your past and your present, which can all influence your ancestry.

Unless you modify the story - a prerogative given to any author. 1st sentence: I was just a child, but..... Set 2: I tried my best and..... Third sentence: At that point everything was changing. The fourth sentence: It was a shock to find out that..... Record 5: It was the pride of my life.

So, what should I write? Allow yourself a moment to reflect on the two preceding drills. Then please end this phrase; I really want to hear everything that has brought me to _______________________. Below are some samples (it is okay to include one or two extra sentences): I really want to know everything that made me choose to get married to Blake.

I really want to comprehend everything that made me decide to make architectural design my life's work. I really want to know everything that made me become such a good mum, considering that I had no example. I really want to know everything that made me never get along with my stepmother.

Instead, just concentrate on what you can imagine one day in a memory or in the pages of a magazine or just in your head. They have a texture (your three sentences), they have a decisive happening (which may have added to this life story) and now they have a goal - to write a story that lets you study, relish and even be amazed by the story you've been awaiting to tell yourself and perhaps the whole time.

She is the writer of How to Write a Memoir in 30 days, which also contains other drills like this one.

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