How to Write a Book about your Life Experiences

So how do you write a book about your life experiences?

Write books and draw on personal experience. Hang on to your computer, fellas, this could be a bumpy read! Poems from her life experiences of Sheila Bender. It is an e-book that can be downloaded to your computer immediately. So, what was going on in your life back then?

Three ways you can use your lifetime experiences to make a great history.

You' probably heared the old proverb:'Write what you know'. But I think that too many authors believe that these words only hold true for facts when they should actually be used as an incentive to use all your sensory experience to use it. Or in other words, don't forget your memory of scents and touches and feelings and special tones and dialects.

If you are a author, you have a great deal of experience to help you make your letter as good as possible. These are three ways you can make use of your past experience. Drawing places you've been. There are too many authors trying to describe places and scenarios they have never been to.

If you are creating a sequence, take the moment to use all your mind to recall what you recall in a particular place. Take advantage of this to make the story come alive for the readers. Also be cautious when you write about a town or geographical area where you have never travelled before.

Designing a backdrop for a phantasy novel is okay, but I wouldn't suggest to describe one place from another's descriptions. You can use the dialog and verbal descriptions to communicate emotions instead of letting the user know how the characters feel. All too often, first authors tell the story of what a person experiences emotions, which is not the best way to get the person into the character's world.

To write like that is more like a paper than a novel. Use the dialog instead to reveal what the player feels or thinks. I know of the best example of this is the Lisa Genova Still Alice. Originally edited by iUniverse itself, this is now a Simon and Schuster movie and a great movie with Julianne Moore.

When I first overheard Lisa talking about the script, she said that she had actually taken drama lessons to evolve her trade of dialoguing. You will be masterly drawn into what Alice experiences with the novel that guides you through a woman's early memories of amnesia.

as a place of tranquillity. Odors you had as a kid. I' ve been spending time with some weird family. Revisit your past to find things you can use today. As you think about your writings, you should think of all the inspirational experience of your time.

Odors you had as a kid. I' ve been spending time with some weird family. Some or all of these can be sources you can use to make your letter more interesting. Virginia Castleman is one of the authors who used her past as a motivator for her work. She herself released her work Strays with Archway Publishing and was then collected by Simon and Schuster.

The following clip shows how drawings from her early years inspired her to compose the work.

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