How to Write a Book about my Life

Where can I write a book about my life?

Start making your book. Knowing the right things at the right time can change your life. Can' t spell to save my life. I had to wait decades to return to my dreams of writing a book. There are more things in life to celebrate.

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Will you let this book change your life? Did you ever think about telling your life story, but then you stop yourself because there are things you would rather not recall, let alone write about? If there was a way to return to the same tales that you felt more capable than troubled when you thought of them?

Is it a way that would change the way you feel about yourself and about certain individuals and occurrences in your past? That'?s what my book is about. The Re-Write Your Life - A Transformational Guide to Writing and Healing the Stories of Our Live's is a uniquely led learning process that enables you to let go of old resentment, injuries and regret and make up for your past.

The results will be that you will be more happy, have more freedom in your life and perhaps for the first and for the first reason start to fully appreciate and appreciate every history you have ever been through. We' re doing it by rewriting our histories. When have we often been telling each other a tale about something hurtful that has been happening to us and then stuck to it for years?

If there is another way to see the same history - a soft way that would enable you, free you and give your life today tranquillity and bless? We have all suffered heartache, regret and grief in our lives. The Re-Write Your Life leads you through a deep but easy journey that provides a smooth way out of this cycle - a journey that brings darkness through self-love, mercy and forgive.

It' re built on 20 years of lessons in my typing workshop: These are Sacred Storys, the celebration of Your Life Journey as well as my personal psychotherapeutic work. You' re instructed to write your tales of thankfulness, pardon or about the days when you were strong.

You' ll recall important movements and important relations and write about the histories that have marked and given significance to your life. There are many of my life histories interwoven throughout the book, such as the period when I came out of the clinic after another attack of clinic- and wrote the piece Madness, Masks and Miracles to help me let go of a lifetime of embarrassment because I had a bipolar disease.

It is about the insanity or the darkness of the spirit that we all go through as we take our walks on the ground, about the disguises that we put on to conceal the insanity, so that we are not ostracised, criticised and excluded, and lastly about the wonders that our disguises take away from us and make us our real self.

I was embarrassed to write this piece for years. When you or someone you know has a mind condition, you won't want to miss this tale - or one of the inspiring tales of 33 other authors in this book - that will arouse your mind and encourage you to keep your feather and write your own tales of transformations, healings, and grows.

Through the application of this procedure and the transformation of your life, what if it has assisted only one individual you know to take the same brave move and cure their life? As we rewrite our histories, we give others the right to overcome their anxiety and do the same. That'?s what inspires me to write this book.

As I was ready to let go of what no longer ministered to me and open myself to a trial that would free me from the histories I was sticking to, I could see the talents and teachings that every human being and every fact had come to do.

There is a "Let's Write" section in each section and topic of the book, which contains reminder instructions to reproduce the detail of certain scenes, persons and incidents.

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