How to Write a Bestselling novel

Writing a bestselling novel

Ensure you have a plan for your novel to lead you. Be inspired by real people. Read, read and read more. You just get to the end. When you finish your novel:

Cipher to write a best-seller

REFEFLECTED IN YOU, part of the steaming Crossfire range by Sylvia Day, which has sold over 13 million copies since its release in 2012. Like innumerable preaching tunes, a captivating opening line is essential to enchant an audiences, and the writers of a new volume with the seductive title The Bestseller Code agree.

Jodie Archer and Matthew L Jockers, and along with Day's, they highlight the opening movements of Toni Morrison, Jeffrey Eugenides and Virginia Woolf. But, while Archer and Jockers both aptly boast Bookish certifications - she is a former penguin publisher, he is an Associate Professors of English at the University of Nebraska - her counsel has a highly unconventional deduc.

He also worked at Apple and Jockers, a self-proclaimed quantum of literature, and co-founded Stanford University's Stanford Lab in Silicon Valley. Using mechanized study, they were able to analyze the text of 20,000 books that have been released in the last 30 years, analyzing subject, story and personality along with other parameters such as styles and settings.

When they pull all these points together, they say that their algorithms can tell whether a script will become a New York Times best-seller. You may have given it a strange name, but its "bestseller-o-meter" is surprisingly precise. There was a 93.3% opportunity for Chad Harbach's literature début, The Art of Fielding, to become a best-seller.

"Those numbers - their presence, their decimals, their accuracy- have upset some and upset others, and more than a few suspects," Archer and Jockers concede. There is of course already a solid set of tips for you. Chicago-advertiser Tony Vanderwarker emphasises three secret of victory in his book entitled Work with the Master that no one else than John Grisham has ever told him: an elevating rudder, a powerful centre and a big catch.

Shopaholic writer Sophie Kinsella has more useful advice: always have a notepad with you, always planning a drink and taking a rest when you're not making progress. Finally, many of Archer and Jockers' results have to do with the advices already available, it's just that large amounts of information have allowed them to generate diagrams and bars, for example to show the meaning of a beat in an action.

In spite of his perverse merchandise spin-offs, the main theme of the novel, which accounts for 21% of its contents, is "human closeness" - and this is not a kind of éuphemism. Ana' s second dominating theme is the "intimate conversation", which includes both the many Plato talks and the emotive talks she has with Christian. In 1962, when small-player Jacqueline Susann wrote her only novel, she wanted it to be a huge success, like the bestseller books by Harold Robbins.

Their effort was paying off and the resulting novel Valley of the Dolls became the quickest salesman in all time. On the other end of the heap, postgraduate classes in craft business write on the notion that good literature can, if not entirely learned, then be cultivated proliferously.

A bestseller this season is Stephanie Danler's Sweetbitter. The first novel about backstage living and loving in a chic New York dining room that combines a classical coming-of-age story with a sumptuous portion of cuisine. She was a waitress at Danny Meyer's famed Union Square Café, but her writing was also influenced by an MBA at the New School, where she was instructed by her own best-selling writer, Fakt.

Schulman is self-confidently old-fashioned and prudish when it comes to driving a writer's work forward with the bestseller-o-meter. She also finds it difficult to imagine how one could ever strategically use one' s writing skills and the painstaking work required to make it heal. Nevertheless, the best-selling O-Meter seems to have developed a good grasp of comedy.

The Circle, Dave Eggers' novel of 2013. Somehow our algorithms seemed to have chosen themselves," say Archer and Jockers.

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