How to Write a best Selling novel

What is the best selling novel?

I' ve got an idea for a cool, maybe best-selling novel. High readability is the result of writing, rewriting, editing and rewriting. Bestsellers don't exist until you write a book. Maybe if you're writing fiction for money, you should change genres. So we analyzed the NYT bestsellers to see what the optimal number of words is.

Debbie Koontz: How to write a bestseller

When you consider that I am always surprised that my novels have been selling so well that different individuals in my working environment have been predicting my writings in different categories for several years and that my combination of two or three categories in one would ruin my entirety. And when you consider that I have self-doubts on the keypad that cause me to hit me on the back several dozens of occasions a days, I'm not sure what value these clues have.

Editor's note: Koontz is one of America's most popular writers with 14 hardcovers and 14 paperback books on the New York Times best-seller lists. Recently he was associated with John Gresham as one of the best writers in the business - with an average of $24 million in revenue.

Writing a bestseller

U.S. U.S. Should tourists in Thailand be riding elephant? Is the smartphone ever really going to take the place of your favorite wallet? I' ve got an ingenuity for a best-selling novel. I' ve never been writing a textbook, but my high schools and university lecturers have always told me that I was a good author.

Have you got any tips for getting into it? Out of the billion of advices that have been given by authors over the ages,.....

7 essential elements of a bestseller

Wednesday afternoons, writer and writer William Bernhardt (the Ben Kincaid series) sketched out the seven items he considers an incontrovertible novel - be it drama, enigma, suspense or other. "Extremely readable is the outcome of typing, Rewrite, Edit and Rewrite. The painstaking work and "several designs and adaptations.... produce sleek, gripping fiction.

"It doesn't take fantastic elements" to make a "strange new world" for your role. The introduction of your main figure into something completely unknown in his everyday lives "brings excitement and intrigue" into your history. A lot of authors are afraid of controversies in order not to unsettle or insult the reader. Bernhardt, however, proposes to go all-in:

"There are five new people for every protestor who want to know what it's all about. As an example, Bernhardt mentions Margaret Mitchell's most popular figure, Scarlett O'Hara, blown away by the wind: "She was pampered, tampered, and generally unappealing," until the reader was associated with her plight. "If you imagine a leading actor who isn't the kindest bloke ever, that's okay; your readership can "find a point of kinship[by] fighting," even if your heroe is kind of an idiot.

Bernhardt says that the secret to anyone who attracts attention is to write something that is "the same but different". "Remaining true to a particular category is nice - you might even say, preferably - but every novel must have "its own distinctive elements[or a] new twist" to be read. "They need a reason to look after your character, so they will look after your storyline.

" Make sure that your character has real emotion, is in a state of emotion ally or uncertain and that "this affliction is understandable to your readers". "When they take charge of your books, they will tell other folks about them. "And we all know that verbal propaganda is the most efficient sales instrument.

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