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Use of Book Creator

Facebook Wix Page - Wix Twitter Page - YouTube Social Icon - LinkedIn Social Icon. Exchange best practices in the use of mobile technologies. The Book Creator is a great way to put these creations together and share a class collection with others as a combined project. You can use Book Creator to create a personalized story for your child, or arrange family pictures and art in a beautiful eBook. Book Creator is one of my favorite iPad apps for use in the classroom.

funny ways to use Book Creator in the classroom

Something magic was happening to educators everywhere this year! Bookto came out for Chrome (insert agitated screams here). This means that if you have Chromebooks in your room, you have just won the lottery. What makes me so fond of Book Creator for Chromebook? The Book Creator is astonishing because everything the student creates starts with two easy icons.

Though it may seem easy at first sight, the force lies in the levels of information that can be created and that make it so mighty and expressive. Books Creator is an impressive utility that iPad instructors have come to appreciate - but now that it's on Chrome, everyone can relish the fact that pupils are creating educational demos that are expressive, imaginative and very instructive.

Book/Comic Book Published - Every year a student writes original stories. The Book Creator is a great way for our undergraduates to post their dissertations to give them even more responsibility for their work. Even better - make a full composition book by letting your fellow writers release their best narratives, convincing, explanatory and descriptions.

Add images, music, and video to make it even more interesting or turn it into an audio book by letting the pupils write to you. Picture by kind permission of Book Creator and Emma B. 2 This is my favourite application of BC. Let the pupils write a diary of their studies over the years.

Once the session is completed, let the student study their work and reflect on their own study trip, taking into account their strength, weaknesses and overall impression. Sketchnoting Journal - I am possessed by this notion. Let them make sketches and keep them in an easily accessible book-creator's notebook - and then let them illustrate the thought and information in their sketches so you can make their Thoughtvisible.

Textbooks created by pupils - Let pupils work together to tell parts of a group anew. You can even email your book to an analyst for more input. Co-laborative Book - Pupils can work with pupils from another grade or town to collaborate on writing a book. Carolyn Skibbafrom Burly School in Chicago - Pupils from Chicago have written a book with pupils in Iceland in which they shared facts and figures about each of their town.

You can capture students' literacy by having them take photos of the reader's materials and then write yourself as you read the section. Think about catching the understanding by getting an explanation of what happens after it. I' m Wonder Journal. Thinkers are a good way to get pupils to think about their studies and unwrap them.

With the thought processes found here, the pupils keep a diary of their thoughts and amazement throughout the year or at the end of a session. Studentment-creates speech books that speak - teach foreigntongue? Book Creator lets you let your pupils make a speaking book. You can take photographs of objects and capture their pronunciations and insert them into a full phrase.

On the last few pages, include a short movie in which the pupils take someone on a trip through an area with their new words and verb. I' ve even seen great typesetting textbooks by language instructors that I used to love, and more to the point, my mothers! Maths Workbooks - With a great application like SeeSaw or Elain Everything the pupils have created maths workbooks.

Put them together in a book that pupils can quickly find. So why not post and exchange with the rest of the planet! Historiy-Instagram Feeds - Let your student take over the character of a historic character during a session. And as you know more, they have a journaling or forged instagram posts created from his era - using text and hash tags - that you assemble in the book creator.

Scientific journals or laboratory reports - allows users to record time-lapse movies on their mobile phone during the scientific experiments stage. Then, put the tape into Book Creator and use it to create the laboratory - they can do it together and later on they can check their results against those of the other groups while viewing the libraries for other samples.

CHARACTERISTICS characteristics study journals - While studying a book, the student follows a characteristic that creates a time line of their changes. May be a joke cognition to include incorporateBook Snaps, which filming punctuation from the product to far visualize the emblematic news article message property. Acquaintance with our fieldsheet?

Don't miss an unbelievable study experience. Let the pupils take photos and use these images to illustrate later and think about what was happening on the journey. It' a pity how often we make excursions without documenting our studies. REFLEVTION JOURALS reflevtion jourals - Gather work on a session and let the student think about how it affected their study and where they felt they were good learner or needed to improve their aptitudes.

Testimonials - In an attempt to help participants understand who they are as a learner and begin to explore their addictions, let them gather learning content that they really like or that will strike home with them. Then, at the end of the year, they have to think about how this could help them figure out what work they might consider when they get older.

With Chromebooks, Book Creator on Chrome allows educators to start building contents and really effective work-shows. It offers international training for schoolchildren and talks at meetings about supporting schoolchildren with iPads and Google Apps for Education.

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