How to Upload a Book to Amazon

Uploading a book to Amazon

Here comes the creepy part: uploading your book! If you are satisfied with your finished product, upload your.prc file here. Share your book on, Amazon Europe, Kindle and Expanded Distribution.

Read the whole book. You can upload, convert and sell books saved as PDF files on

A non-Amazon book load on a fire

Kindle Fire works great as an Amazon purchasing tool, but you shouldn't just work with Amazon-buying. When you buy legitimate photocopies of other vendors' works, you can usually copy them to your Kindle. To be clear, I'm referring to individual eBooks, such as those you buy and downloaded from Tor or other bookshops that don't sell DRM-protected music.

You can also do this if you want to directly browse eBooks from another bookmaker like Nook or Kobo. These are the installation guidelines for the Nook or Kobo application on your Kindle Fire. Amazons Kindle is a native executable file. You can still view a book in ePub but you will either need to have it converted with a tool like Calibre or you will need to run a standalone application like Aldiko on your Fire.

Backed up Kindle book data is:: Kindle Fire Personal Document support is:: Open and view PDFs but not under the Book tabs on your Kindle or Kindle application on your portable dev. That' s why your Kindle Fire manual is in Docs instead of in B├╝cher.

Using a microphone USB lead and connecting it to your computer, you can move the file to and from your Kindle as if it were an off-site HD. Put file in the Book and. pdf folders and other file types in the Document folders. After you add your data, you may need to reboot the Kindle to see your new work.

Use Dropbox to move your data. Click Save to SD Memory Cards ( "Your Kindle doesn't actually have an SD memory cards, but this will take you to your built-in memory). Either Books ( files) or Document (for.pdf,.txt,.doc and other files). When you have done this, you should reboot your Kindle Fire.

You will have your book published afterwards. When your book does not appear, make sure that you have not copied the book completely to your Kindle's disk and that you have selected the right directory for the data type.

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