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Press and hold the ALT key, enter the four-digit code on the numeric keypad on the right edge of the keyboard. Inserting ASCII or Unicode Latin icons and signs The ASCII and Unicode coding allows the computer to save and share information with other computer and applications....

.. The following is a list of commonly used ASCII and Unicode signs on a Latin basis! To use Unicode for non-Latin scripting, see Unicode Charact. When you need to type only a few custom signs or icons, you can use the Char. table or type combinations of keys.

You can find a listing of ASCII signs in the following table or under keyboard abbreviations for internationals signs. A lot of language contain icons that could not be compressed into the 256-digit Extended ACSIIs. There are ASCII and Unicode variants that contain local signs and icons, see Unicode Charct. Cf. Unicode Char. Cf.

When you have problems inputting the drawing keys for the desired symbols, use the drawing table. If you want to add an ASCII sign, keep ALT pressed while you enter the number. To add the degrees icon (ยบ), for example, keep ALT pressed while you enter 0176 on the number pad.

The numbers must be entered using the numerical pad, not the keys. If your computer has a NUM latch, make sure that the NUM latch is on. For example, type a US Dollars sign ($), type 0024, type ALT, and then type X. For more Unicode characters, see Unicode characters tables per table for more Unicode characters.

When you need a Unicode sign and use one of the applications that does not have Unicode sign language, use the table to type the desired char. When ALT+X transforms the incorrect drawing text into Unicode, choose the right drawing text before you pressALT+X. You can also prefix the right drawing combination with the text "U+".

A character map is a Microsoft Windows built-in application that lets you see the available glyphs in a chosen typeface. The Character Table allows you to copy single or a group of letters to the clipboard and past them into any application that can use them. If you want to open the character table:

For Windows 10: Type "characters" in the system tray and select Char table from the results. For Windows 8: Look for the words "character" on the start page and select Chars. On Windows 7: Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Chart.

Letters are grouped by type. You can click on the typeface selection box to specify a type. Click the symbol, click Selects, right-click in your documents where you want to insert the symbol, and then click Paste. You can find additional drawing icons in the drawing table on your computer, in ASCII or Unicode drawing tables by descript.

See the glyph map for a full listing of the glyphs and their glyph code. See the drawing chart for a full listing of syllables and their ciphers. ASCI numbers 0-31 are allocated to controls used to operate some peripherals such as a printer.

The instruction tells a print program to go to the beginning of the next page.

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