How to Type a Story

Making a story

Develop an action or scenario. Concentrate on a complicated main character. Set up a central conflict for the main character. Consider a specific topic. Imagine an end with a twist or a surprise.

Find out how to make a history (FREE download!)

Historytelling is a writer's greatest capital. It is our task not only to tell a narratively, but to design a narration in such a way that the reader can turn the pages over and over again. Failure to do this correctly and refine our narratives risks forever depriving our audiences - and operatives and editors are not big supporters of authors who have no audiences.

That' s why we give you The 5 Sins of Storytelling, a FREE trial version with special tips on how authors can harm their own histories and how to prevent these errors. Dedicated authoring is the most important part of the authoring experience - you can have any good idea you want, or a sound storyline stucture, but if you don't tell an astonishing tale, then your odds of being released are DOA.

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This prompting helps you with the storyboard, allows you to type and organize your narratives and gives you the opportunity to make fun of storytelling. Four samples of the tutorials in this FREE download: Make a short sequence in which a dispute between two personalities becomes visible.

Draw a picture between a police officer and a car he stopped. Type it in the present and then in the past. So how do these strained movements change the sound of the scenes? Create a scenario in which detail reveals your personality. Note down as much of the dialog as you need to create the relation between the speaker.

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