How to Type a Story

Making a story

When your story is told in the past, stick with it. You can write books that have no real story (nor a story with beginning, middle, end). Type your text and position it anywhere. " The Saguache Crescent" newspaper in Saguache, Colo. Various types of stories (for example, contributions from others, preferences, comments) are listed in the left column of your activity log.

To use New Type Mode in storylines

Instanagram recently introduced a new type of story sharing feature that allows the user to split story items with text on colourful wallpapers without having to include images or vido. Stage 1: Touch the pictogram in the upper lefthand part of the display. Stage 2: Scroll from the bottom right to the bottom of the display to enter "Type" view.

Stage 3: Touch the monitor to open the keypad. Enter the text you want. Stage 5 (optional): Modern " is chosen by default, but a total of four different types are available: To choose a new typeface, touch the name of the typeface at the top of the page to scroll through the available choices.

Stage 6 (optional): Touch the colored circles on the lefthand side of the display to scroll through the available backgroundtone color. There is a different choice of wallpapers available by preference for each typeface, but you can work around this later (see steps 8 below). Stage 7: When you are done, touch the directional key.

Stage 8 (optional): First, you can resize, align, and position the text on the monitor using pinch-to-zoom and move control. Or you can insert extra text by pressing "Aa" in the upper right hand area. Next, you can modify the colour of the text by touching the text and choosing one of the colours above the keypad.

Hint: If your text contains several words, you can give each of them a different colour by touching and pressing a single key to mark it before you select a colour. Also, please be aware that you can modify the typeface in this submenu by touching the name of the typeface at the top of the page.

You can use a different typeface and wallpaper combinations than in steps 6 above, and you can also use the application's "Classic"-typeface. You can also use the Typewriter and the Strong typefaces to emphasize single words or entire words.

After you have finished the steps 7, touch your text at the top and press the "A" in the upper lefthand part of the window. Touch a colour to emphasise the text. Hint: You can already insert a selection when typing words and words (see steps 4), but the selection is displayed in a standard colour, which you can only modify at this later point in the re-creation procedure.

Stage 9: When you are finished with your story, press the "Send To >" tab to submit it to your story.

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