How to Type a Book

Writing a book

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Creating a book with Microsoft Word

No matter whether you write a manual, a memorandum, a novel or a children's novel, Microsoft World can help you free yourself from the problems of setting up your own manual. Creating eBooks in Microsoft Office does not restrict your creativity, but allows you to focus on the words you write. A benefit of using Microsoft World to create your own text files is that the pages in Microsoft Office are automatically flowable by standard.

No need to link pages or text fields - just let your text run from your mind to the keypad and Word workbooks. Launch Microsoft Word. Then click on "File", then on "New". In the " Available Templates " window, double-click on the "Books" directory. Open the category "Other books".

When you do not see the "Books" directory, look for "Books" in the browser next to " Templates". While Word probably won't have a best-selling topic, select a style that best fits your needs. All in one model is fully customisable. Just double-click on "Book Manuscript" and within a few seconds a new Word dialog with the original will open.

Select the wildcard information on the first/cover page of the document. Enter your own data such as the name of the textbook and the name of the writer. If you want to remove text from the document, mark it and click on the "Delete" button on the keypad. Attach an picture you want to use as your covers by selecting the "Insert" page.

Navigate to the title screen and double-click it. It is also the procedure for attaching an image that you may want to use for the back of the work. Flip through the pages contained in the document, which differ depending on the document. Enter the beginning of the notebook or "Chapter One".

In order to emphasise a section heading, select the text, click on the "Home" register card and click on the "B" symbol in the Ribbon. When you approach the end of a page, Word adds a new page to the page itself. In order to enforce extra page wraps, e.g. to divide the notebook into sections, proceed with the "Ctrl"- and "Enter"-process.

It adds the numbers to all pages; you do not need to be on page 1 to do this, or redo the operation on each page of the work. Type in a name for the textbook and click on the "Save" tab. She is a freelance editor whose main skills are MS Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher), Photoshop, Paint, Desk top level publication, graphic and graphic work.

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