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Writing a book

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Find out more about the color of type pages in book design

If book creators or typesetters speak of the "color" of a page, they do not mean the colours on it. Colour " in this case means the entire grey of the high columns of the type that makes up almost all pages of the book. Various types of font colours can be obtained using a wide range of design tools:

The choice of typeface can be crucial, since the typeface design varies in its relatively "darkness" even with uniform weighting, according to how thick the various character shapes are. The leading has a big influence on the text colour, because the more room between the rows the brighter the page appears.

Non text items such as page numbers and moving headers can also have a large impact on the overall colour of the type page. All of these are placed on a 6 x 9 book page with default margin. Here is a single page book page (this is a dropdown sheet, i.e. the page number is at the bottom of the page).

In this example, the Filosofia typeface is an eye-catching old-style typeface. This type is 12/16, which means that it is a 12-point type with 16 points between the line, from the base line of one line to the base line of the next. The result is a page up to the colour of the type columns.

Observe what happens if we just insert a little distance between the individual lines. 1/32 inches, but make the whole page much light. If we extend the lead to 12/20, the whole colour of the page changes: Here is an example of the same page in Adobe Minion Pro, 12/16.

The servant has a little more influence than Filosofia, can you see that? Guamond is one of the most loved fonts for bookstyling. The same 12/16 specifications are used in Adobe Guamond Pro. Although slightly smaller than Minnon, it also has a smaller width, and you'll find that although this page has the same number of rows, it actually has about two more rows of copy in the same room than the example of Minnon, because this is a more space-saving type.

That makes Garamond a good option for long textbooks or when there is limited space: But on the other side, here is our site again, in Cochin, a typeface that is used more often for headlines. Broad typefaces like these can be used for rare text like a photo book with picture subtitles or inspiring citations.

Here, although we still have the same number of rows, less copy will fit on the page, and the overall page colour is very different from the Filosofia, Minion or Garamond examples. After all, the addition of a moving header can subtle change our perceptions of the page's colour. That is the Garamond side with a typically walking skull.

What is the font colour to think about? However, it is something to keep in the back of your head when you make your own page layout, and something I always consider when I create new book layouts.

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