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Press and hold the ALT button, then enter the character code using the numeric keypad (right). Press and hold the option key and type u (the letter u). Under Windows, you can quickly insert special characters using the Alt key. Position the cursor where you want to insert a special character. Press Num Lock to activate the numeric keypad to the right of the keyboard (top right of the keyboard).

Danmark: Input of AÆ, Dia. and A genealogy

Enable the Dansk keypad (for Microsoft OS). You can copy the characters of Denmark from another file it already has. After you have activated the Dansk keypad, you should see a small symbol in the lower right of your monitor that will appear as EN. c) As long as the small DA symbol is displayed, use a Dansk one.

You can use the keys Ø, dia. and Å on the keys of the keys: To enter the case of each character, hold down the Shift button as before. Others have been changed while the Dansk keypad is on. Enter the values for the keys Ø, Å and ß using the 10-key keypad and the Alt button.

If you want to enter a denish character, press and keep the Alt button and enter a numeric keypad number. When the Alt button is released, the character appears. Usually the functions of the softkey are below the major button operation (e.g. below the J button on my keypad is a number 1) and can also be in a different colour.

To input the characters for example press and keep both the Fn and Alt keys and then type each button in sequence: J, then O, then U; when the Fn and Alt keys are released, the symbol appears in your text input field. a) Select the alphabet, click with the cursor on the selected text and select Copy (or press and keep the Ctrl button pressed while entering the c). b) Move the cursor to the position you want to insert.

Right-click and select Insert (or press and hold Ctrl while typing the character v). c) These symbols are also found in many character table typefaces (Start/All Programs/Accessories/Character Table) and can be chosen, duplicated and inserted as described above. Press and hold down the options button and type down i ("u").

Release the buttons (do not press and keep them pressed for 3). Enter the number of the vowels above which the umlauts are to appear. Press and hold the Shift button in the top of the screen in steps 3.

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