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Are you looking at the keyboard and typing every letter at an unbearably slow speed? Engage your friends and family by learning to type faster! Do a speed test, practice your typing skills, learn to type faster and more accurately with this free online tutor.

Seating position for tapping

Typeing is about each of your fingerprints having its own area on the keypad. This fact allows you to type without looking at the keys. Exercise on a regular basis and your hands will memorize their position on the keypad through muscular recall. Your wrist can be touching the table top in front of your keypad.

Curl your hands a little and place them on the ASDF and JKL; buttons that are in the center rows of theletterkeys. Under the forefingers, pressing either one of the keys should have a convex line to help find these keys without looking. You can use the color-coded keypad under the entry box of the unit to help you determine which touch each button should have.

Press the keys only with the keys for which they are reserved. Do not forget to always go back to the initial point of the " ASDF - JKL; " n. While you are tapping, visualize the icon's placement on the keypad. Set and keep a beat while you type. SHIFT is always held down with the little one opposite the other one.

It may seem uncomfortable at first, but don't stop, you''ll find it quick, easy and convenient to type. Do not look at the keys when you tap. Simply push your hands around until they find the mark in the first line. Restrict your hands and your hands only to what is necessary to push a certain button.

Hold your hand and finger near the home setting. It increases jogging speeds and decreases hand strain. Watch out for ring and little finger, as they are clearly under developed. Accelerate only if your finger is pressing the right keys out of habits. Please take your free tap to prevent errors.

As time goes by, the pace increases. This will help you to get above the mean typerate. Pause if you have the feeling that you are slightly diverted and make many errors.

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