How to tell if you are a good Writer

What does it take to know if you are a good writer?

I' m always getting good grades on papers. I'm proud to be a good manager. We riters are notorious for life in their minds. You want to tell me what you think, give me one good reason why you think it.

So when can you call yourself a novelist?

Have you ever wondered if you're really worth calling yourself a novelist? So how do you become a novelist? From time to time you might be hearing from someone who has chosen to do something or has been drawn into it, and who has taken everyone by surprise by becoming known as a novelist.

But it' usually natural to become a novelist. One becomes a novelist, a cyclist, a turner, a ballet artist, a vocalist, a cook or a tinsmith. So, when can you call yourself a novelist? Whenever you' re ready to go diving, no matter how good or how poor you are.

Don't choose not to be a novelist until you have the guts to try. Demeanor is not only a good point of departure, it is the attitude you should take for your work. However, if you only talk about being a novelist, only read a blog, only go to a conference of authors, limp with authors, dress like a novelist (whatever you think that means), you are not a novelist.

Wannabe talks about typing. Authors do. You may not be a good letterman, but you're a good letterman. You' re gonna tell me, but nobody's gonna listen. There' s nothing amiss about wanting to be a novelist. But, if you want to call yourself a poet, you have to do it. Within the first few minutes of criticism of a student's work, I can see if he has what it took to do it.

Guess they want straightforward advice on how to get better, and that's what I'm telling them. Immediately their expressiveness and physical speech tell me whether they want to study and expand or whether they only hope to be discovers. Showing your work to a pro can be frightening, all the more so to an editorial or publishing house who decides whether to buy or not.

However, true authors want it. You want to become better, you want to study, you want to expand, you want to be successful. You' re a novelist? When you have been and still are failing, when you are afraid and still write, when you have withstood a piercing criticism and have done your play better by using what you have learnt, when you have remained with it despite this omnipresent anxiety about failing, then it is you!

When do you know you're really a novelist? If you write. Good, poor, scared, brave - never mind. I' m a novelist! You' re a novelist? You tell me downstairs and you tell me why.

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