How to Submit your Book to a Publisher

Submitting your book to a publisher

It is likely that your agent will contact several publishers at the same time. There are a few other things you would like to have prepared when submitting work and contacting editors and publishers. Find out who your ideal reader is and what the market is like for your book. Create your platform, your visibility, your itinerary and your message! I don't even need a publisher.


This is how to improve your contribution for agencies and publishing houses | Guardian Masterclasses

Did you always dream of publishing a book? If you are a novice or a non-fiction writer, this course with editor Scott Pack provides direct guidance on how to make sure your entry is well-received. You' ll be taught everything from identifying the right publisher or agents to creating a hit man summary and a covering note.

And for those courageous enough to divide their places, he will be looking for people to volunteer their work for life feed-back during school. When you are willing (or almost willing) to present your book to a publisher, you will not be sorry to invest in this course. Scott Pack has been working in the book trade for fifteen years.

Before he became a publisher and spent several years at HarperCollins, he was the director of purchasing at Waterstones. He is currently co-editor of Unbound, the world's first crowdfunding publisher, and editor-at-large of Eye & Lightning Books. Return PolicyWhen a sale is completed, we cannot provide a full return if you do not participate or if you reverse your book.

Publishers has my book available. And now what?

You' ve gone back and forth with your agents for month after month to create the best book suggestion - and make sure that every point you've made is incontestable, that every indentation, line feed and page makeup is placed correctly, and that every dot is ticked and dots. You interact so often that if your telephone notifies you of a new voice mail or e-mail, it is more likely to be your agents than anyone else.

Or, you may not have worked with an agency, but you have worked on a novel, and after month (or years) of development you have chosen to try out your opportunities with publishing houses directly. You sent your babe out into the wide open. The following are some useful things that will help you and/or your agents while you wait for the judgement.

When a publisher is considering buying your book, several persons are engaged in this process and the response from distribution, advertising and advertising is considered. Someone who looks at your book does the very first thing after he has read your request is to look you up on-line. Anything you want them to find essential information about you - whether your letter, your history, your brand or your work.

A publisher recently cited me that facebook 40-k fan and an e-mail mailing address are what they are now considering a threshold for purchases. One of the best things you can do is to keep building your trust while your book is submitting.

Encourage your fans to show their commitment to supporting your community at this crucial moment. Even create a basic website that presents your scripts and gives you a feel for who you are as a people. We work with authors who manage to do business in books and have something great in common: the belief in their notions.

There is a way for these authors, where there is a will, and even if a certain publisher does not agree, they will still be writing the book, because the research is just so intriguing, or the trial is just so worthwhile. As soon as your suggestion or script is with your agents or publishing houses and out of your hand, why not start to collect comments or read these similar books, if you don't already have to be researching or inspiring when creating your own book.

Consider this wait as a convenient opportunity to learn more about the market and to be more critical of the gaps your book can fill. It' s easy to see why the quietness can be deaf - especially since you have been in continuous dialog with someone about your suggestion up to this point. In view of the number of persons in a publisher who have to be engaged before an offering can be made, even a very interested journalist could receive a second reading or talk to the various participants.

Also, know that entries are sometimes made in turns. As you wait, you should participate in a number of things that will make your book a hit - possibly on a TV or wireless show, by contributing to a popular magazine or blogs, saving a cover story for your book, or a series of things that are unique to your particular book and not described above.

It makes sense to have your agents monitor your heart rate after a few months to see what he or she hears. If you' re looking into it, ask if there's anything to do. Do not interfere or doubt your agent's ability by just behaving like the kind of person you are.

You can also request an optional print listing that your agents submit; not to distribute it widely and certainly not to directly reach the editor, but to keep the back pouch when you take the product out again. You can even suggest someone to join if you are familiar with different publishers and impressions!

When you are not working with an agency and submit your book directly to a publisher, a follow-up of several days is not advisable, as the publishing houses give precedence to the project requested by the agency. a 4-6 week period may be more appropriate to track (for non-fiction and twice as many as for fiction), but if you do it, it should be of interest with an upgrade, i.e. I was just introduced on x medium outlets; my blogs mail on y has become virtual and has got z number of stocks; a well-known writer has quoted the following cover text, etc.).

"since you are the publisher of[x similar title], a novel that has significantly shaped my own work, any reaction you have had so far would be particularly significant to me...." and continue that your greatest wish would be a home with this particular publisher. Did I address every entry that you wonder about?

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