How to Submit Poetry

Submitting poetry

Entries are limited to one prose piece and four poems per reading period. You are kindly requested to group poetry in one submission. You must first decide where to submit your work.

<i > ; Prix du poète émergent .

We' re trying to put an aspiring writer in the spotlight: only contributions from writers who have not yet contributed more than two full-length poetry series. Entries for our feature poetry class are open to writers at all stages of their careers throughout the year. They are only released on-line and will show a series of poetry by new writers each months.

Encouraging aspiring writers to apply. We' re happy to be able to provide our partners with a significant payment: $50 per poet, up to $150. While we pride ourselves on our ability to pay for works that have been made public, we will be very select in our choice of publications. Underrepresented and marginalised votes of all colours are also cordially invited.

Entries are open to all poets in the world who write in English - other tongues are fine as long as the flesh of the book is in English. Entries may not exceed 10 pages and no more than 5 verses. No. We do not allow duplicate registrations. All your poetry should be submitted in ONE paper.

Parts of the materials or the complete publication including all offers and information might be extended, changed or partly or completely deleted by the author without separate announcement. If you have any queries about the entries, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Copywriting Philosphy

Poetry: Brief fiction: In general, we are not interested in gender fi lm (like romanticism, sci-fi or fantasy). Do not submit any previously republished materials, which may include works that have been republished in an anthology, chapbook, or on-line. Submittable is the only way we can receive entries from you. Entries will not be accepted by e-mail or regular postal service. Before you submit your work, please make sure you have a clear picture of our main topic.

Entries are restricted to one apothecary and four verses per reading-season. You are kindly requested to group poetry in one entry. Several entries in the same category will be sent back without being read. Concurrent entries are allowed. Please inform us immediately if you accept any other work that has been handed in. To send prosas, please use your Submitable bank details to cancel your deposit.

To submit poems, please use your entry bank details to include a notice on your entry that lists the works that are no longer available. Our aim is to reply within six month, but the reply period depends on the number of entries. The answer will be sent by e-mail.

Do not call or email us about the state of your submitted paper. Because of the large number of entries, we are unable to reply to every one. Before submitting, please use a large character set (e.g. Times, Helvetica, Arial) in alphabetical order, with plenty of borders, two lines, and a default type ((preferably 12 points).

When submitting, please use a minimum style of documents and fonts.

In return, our default contract provides for the following rights: first printing and e-journal copyrights in the United States, non-exclusive on-line copyrights and other restricted copyrights. $100-$200 is usually charged for on-line contents, according to gender and length. From July 1 to 31, we will be reading unwanted literature, poems and non-fiction via our Submitable website.

Because of the high amount of unasked work, we cannot reply to contributions outside this time. Only unasked works that have been entered via our Submitable site will be used. Do not send us an e-mail asking whether we have your contribution. Once the on-line registration system has confirmed your registration, or if you have sent us an e-mail acknowledging your registration, you can be sure that we have it.

Please click here to access our submittable registration page.

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