How to Submit Children's Book Manuscript

Submitting a children's book manuscript

Filing with the children's book publisher: At the moment we only check manuscripts for picture books. Hand in your children's book manuscript! Have a great children's book manuscript to help you with? Southwest Human Development's second yearly kids' book competition; take a notepad and let your inner kid run free!

The Southwest Human Development is looking for its next successful children's book author.

Southwest Human Development illustrates, publishes and sponsors the manuscript chosen. First Edition Children's Book Contest winners will be awarded an advanced payment of $1,000 and an eight per cent license fee. More than 2,500 kids will be able to buy the book chosen, both on-line and in bookshops.

The most important thing is that the victorious tale triggers a series of reactions by giving something back to the group. Entries are expected to be submitted with a $50 registration charge by August 31, 2016, a $75 registration charge by September 30, 2016, and a $100 registration charge by the October 15, 2016 closing date. The first edition's children's book competition will be used to support Southwest Human Development's early alphabetisation programmes, such as Raising A Reader and REACH Out and RELEAD.

This competition and book release are from the company named Folk Book for Babies .... and Too!, an innovating fund-raising programme to support early alphabetization programmes at Southwest Human Development. This first children's book competition was initiated in 2015 and has taken the general public by surprise. Over 250 novelists and emerging artists throughout the entire nation took the chance to exchange their work.

The manuscript of last year's winner was composed by former professor and Librarian Phoebe Fox and illustrates it by Michael Hale. For more information on the first edition of the children's book competition, please go to


We' re happy about book-idea for kids from 2 to 13 years. If you would like to review our website and/or catalogue, please take a look at our mailing lists to better manage your submissions. To consider publishing your manuscript, please send it to our offices together with an SASE ( "SASE") labelled with your name.

You should bring the pack to the knowledge of the submission editor. The manuscript cannot be commented upon in an editorial manner if it is not considered for publishing. If you are submitting works that are longer than a book of pictures, please just submit a request and a few example pages, not the whole work.

Contributions sent by e-mail are not accepted. Neither do we openly welcome works from young people or entries from outside Canada. Concurrent entries are welcome. If we find that your manuscript or suggestion does not match our publisher's programme, you will receive a reply and your materials back with your SE.

We will recycle your contribution if you have not specified a SASE. A series of scripts are sent to us every single working Day, so please be patient and wait for our reply. You will not be able to check the state of your application. To illustrate, please submit a folder or samples of your work either to our offices (see below for address) or to

We do not accept handwritten texts by e-mail. You can send all entries by post:

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