How to Submit a novel to a Publisher

Submitting a novel to a publisher

Novel Publishing Adventure - Submit your manuscript today. Are your books taking readers into a world of action, danger and adventure around every corner? Any submissions to Black & White Publishing are confidential. An overview of the entire book, chapter by chapter. Like not submitting your book to a publisher.

Submitting your novel to the agent

You will need the following to complete your work: As soon as you have handed in your novel, you should receive a reply from us within ten to twelveweek. The Curtis Brown Group Ltd data protection statement, which you can view here, applies to all entries. Where' d you find out about Curtis Brown?

Please tell us more about your publishing story if you have already written work. Please lists your releases. So when did you release it and how? We ask for your application in this area. Which is the name of your post? the pages with the agents' profile. Subscribe me here for the Curtis Brown Design News.

Submit to a publisher: There are five gold rulers

Did you finish your novel? And if the answers to these two are yes, you are prepared to send in your work. Don't spend your spare minute on sketchy notions or a half-finished novel. Apart from everything else, editors and editors need to know that you have an obligation to finish the work before they take it over.

Thoroughly review your script for misspellings and spelling mistakes. Ensure that your contribution complies with the publisher's demands. Every publishing house has different tastes, so don't expect one solution to work for all. Submitting unrelated work not only wasts your valuable resources, it can also affect your prospects of succeeding. Don't count on us to send your script on a whim.

Thoroughly research potential agencies or publishing houses and determine where your work fits best. When you don't know where to begin, research the publishing story of an writer whose writings you would benchmark your own. Locate your research from there. Do not be enticed to "drop by" to see if a publishing house or agency has already finished your work.

It is not only inventive, it also makes them far less likely to withdraw your filing. You will be frustrated if you put all your hope in a simple entry. Instead, research the markets thoroughly and hand in your work in as many places as possible.

Trace your entries to prevent mix-ups or repetitions. The publishing houses are very busily and get so many scripts every weeks that it takes a while to answer your entry, if at all. While some publishing houses can give you an indication of how long it will take to answer, others indicate that they are only responding to the contributions they wish to continue.

See Sarah Stewart, The Lighthouse Literary Consultancy's principal, who can give you some tips on how to get your books to be published on this blogs.

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