How to Submit a Children's Book to a Publisher

Submitting a children's book to a publisher

What is the procedure for submitting a children's book to a publisher? To be a publisher of children's photo albums, your work is not done when you are writing the last words of history. Usually there are rules for submitting a children's book to a publisher and you are required to do so. Picturebook writers must also allow room for an illustrator to tell his stories alongside theirs and must be writing at a standard appropriate to the respective readers.

You will have successfully completed the first test if you strictly adhere to the publisher's guidelines for submitting your entry. Contact a leader to choose a publisher and publisher for the paper. Perhaps you would like to join the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, whose members have regular membership in up-to-date information on the book trade, which includes a listing of recent publications by publishers, which will help you get an understanding of what kinds of book they do.

Ensure you are sending it to the right place - don't submit a fancy book to a non-fiction publisher or a children's book to an adults publisher - and if possible, provide an author by name. Before submitting your text, you should check with the help of the publisher's website or the publisher you have selected, as well as the number of words, margins and inscriptions.

Printout the script according to the publisher's requirements, such as number of words and industrial standard for margin, font and space. Enter a one-page covering note to the journalist. Describe your script in the first section, specifying the intended reading stage. Describe in the second section why you have chosen this publisher. In the case of non-fiction, indicate why you are authorized to authorize this book.

There are some children's literature that isn't even as long as the note, and you want the writer to raise the note and be enthusiastic about your first line. Printout, proof-read and signature the note. Paper clip the note over the script. When the publisher has accepted e-mail, you still need a covering note, but you' ll be saving shipping costs.

Insert cover, seals and mail with your cover and your script. In the case of an e-mail posting, please contact the right individual, add your material and submit it.

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