How to Submit a Children's Book Manuscript to a Publisher

What is the procedure for submitting a children's book manuscript to a publisher?

They do not have to write in their own language to submit a manuscript - they will translate it from English. Many people, however, have misconceptions about what it means to publish a children's book. It takes months - sometimes years - to sell a manuscript. Even if a book editor stands out, he won't sell your manuscript. My chances are better when I apply to small publishers.


A brief covering note should always accompany your manuscript. In essence, a covering note is a commercial document that introduces your history and yourself to the publisher. When you submit online, your emails are your covering letters. When you submit by post, your covering note will be on a seperate page and will be enclosed with your manuscript.

Like with any commercial mail, you should provide your details. The e-mail will contain your web adress and the date and time. It is always a good option, however, to specify a telephone call. A few folks choose to sign this. When you send a paper version, use the conventional paper size for a commercial mailing.

Leave two blanks behind your contacts and enter the name of the publisher, the name of the publisher and the adress. If your manuscript is unprompted, you may not have the name of a particular publisher. A lot of publishing houses prefers to send their contributions to "Submissions Editor" or just "Submissions".

" If so, your title is "Dear Editorial Director. "How do you get the name of an editorial journalist? Authors speaking at meetings sometimes ask participants to contact them directly, even if the publisher does not normally agree to the acceptance of unwanted paper. You may be asked, for example, to put the name of the meeting on the outside of the cover or to obtain a label on which the manuscript of a meeting topic is marked as such.

It is a good if you have had face-to-face contacts with the journalist. As an example: "We gathered at the last New York meeting of our association after your speech about picture-book humour and you said that you would be interested in my work. "If you write to "Dear Editor", then go straight to the introduction to your history.

You should send us the following information: It'?s the name of your story: "I' d like to present the attached picture-book manuscript Centipedes Playsoccer. "Take one or two more sentences to indicate the category for which you write and to briefly describe your story:

"The Centipedes is a funny tale for the first classes that emphasises the pleasure of sport. So why are you submitting this manuscript to this publisher? One of the most natural answer is that they are one of the few companies that still accepts unasked entries. A lot of publishing companies also provide a printed catalogue on demand.

Publisher's Weekly also publishes a twice-yearly issue of coming children's literature, listing titles by publisher. Once you've researched something about publishing houses, your cover note can start reading something like this: "I' ve noted that Snapdragon Press has released many humorous textbooks to help kids learn soft skills. What's that?

My history would add to many of those on your mailing lists, especially proud to be a slowpoke, and who's the first? Please enumerate any work you have already written for a child here. What if child literacy is a whole new area for you? What is the length of your cover note?

It is your goal to get the editors to study your manuscript. Do you need to integrate a suffix? The abbreviation for Self-Added Stamped Mail. Obviously, if you submit by e-mail, you don't need one. Over many years, publishing houses used the abbreviation abbreviated to indicate that they would be returning unsolicited copies and/or a refusal to accept, according to the volume of the envelop.

When enclosing a manuscript, make sure that the manuscript is large enough and sufficiently stamped. The publishing houses will not charge any shipping costs. When you do not want the manuscript back but still want a note, use a shop sized postmarked postmark.

Where should an abbreviation of abbreviated abbreviation of abbreviated name suffix SASE not be included? Nowadays, many publishing houses no longer react to a manuscript if they are not interested. Please review the application form thoroughly. Publishing houses that do not use SASEs often indicate that they will reply within a certain period (usually 3-4 months) if they are interested in tracking your entry.

When you don't see them within this deadline, you can be sure that your manuscript has been overturned. Do you want to submit the same manuscript to several publishing houses at the same theming? Please also refer to the editor's entry instructions. Provided the rules say that several or "simultaneous" entries are okay, you can submit your history to other publishing houses.

However, some publishing houses favour "exclusively" scripts. "This means that you should not submit the book to another publisher until you have received the first one. The publisher will most likely give you a timeframe in the policies and say: "We choose to have scripts for three only.

" If you have not received your application after three month, you can apply elsewhere. Please end your message with a cheerful and polite touch. It is always a good practice to state that you have reviewed and adhered to the policies. I have added a company sized company for your comfort in accordance with your policies.

" How should your mail look like? While you' re waitin' to get in touch with a publisher, what should you do? Working on another manuscript. Publication can be a sluggish task. So it' a good notion to have more than one history in the works. ANY MORE CREDIT? These are only instructions for sending a covering note.

For further suggestions or variation on how to format, take a look at Harold Underdown's award-winning The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's' Books, available in bookshops or your local collection. The Underdown contains many samples for scripts of all kinds. In his book you will undoubtedly find something you can customize for your own use.

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