How to Submit a Book to a Publisher

To submit a book to a publisher

Each publisher places its submission guidelines on its website. Alternatively, your book may be too close to another book you have just published on the same subject. They also help writers turn great ideas into great books. What is the best way to submit my idea to Quirk? I' m ready to send it to the publishers.

If you don't submit your book to a publisher

In order to de-mystify the publication processes, we hold master classes and conventions. There are just a few things I see that I think folks are mistaken when they try to interest us in their books: Firstly, they are ignoring our submission policy. While I know it is a disappointment, the fact is that our first obligation is to make the writers and graphic designers to whom we have already committed ourselves as well as we can.

Secondly, they're over-emotionalizing their pitches so much that I can't even begin to see how we would ever build a working relation. You suggest that we meet for dinner to discuss the multimedia capabilities of your home and present the book as part of a pitches with a TV show and an elaborate merchandise program.

It' s great to be competitive, but these things suggest that an writer doesn' t understand the children's book industry realistically enough. For over a quarter hundred years I have never even autographed anything until I have seen a writing and I have never had dinner with a future writer who has speculative writing.

Third, if they are a novelist, they have already mated with an Illustrator, and if they are an illustrator, they have mated with a novelist. Usually it is part of the publisher's input to the creative and illustrative work. In the past I felt poor about my own stance of control over the aspirations and visions of writers and graphic artists.

Being self-published means that there is no need for conventional publisher to bother withholding a work of art from an outfit. Anybody can go public today. In the last few weeks, this article was the result of a series of e-mail discussions with potential writers - creators who have got it backwards.

I' d really like writers and graphic designers to have the best chances of succeeding. Our two forthcoming How to Watch Picture Book Master Classes are currently out of stock, but if you want to be the first to know about new bookings, you can subscribe to our book-mailinglist.

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