How to Submit a Book Idea to a Publisher

Submitting a book idea to a publisher

In the past, you had to beg a large publishing house to put your book idea into practice. They can publish a book themselves. We repeatedly meet authors and author hopes who not only want to be published, but also have lasting success afterwards. To enable us to assess the suitability of your idea for our publication list, we need a formal proposal from you. For an idea for a novel that in some way relates to mental health issues, please read our blog to find out how to submit an effective fiction.

Guidelines for the submission of manuscripts

Thanks for considering Hay House as the home for your entry and hopefully for your book. ENTRIES ARE CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTED. Because of the very high number of suggestions we have been receiving in recent month and a staff turnover, we have completed the applications to give us enough timeto examine the pending project.

Though we can only release a small number of works per year, Hay House has taken over works from non-publishing or nonagentalists. One of the tricky things an author faces when addressing a publisher without an agentless publisher is to ensure that their work goes to the right publisher and has the best chances of being public.

Whilst we are able to check the manuscript, Hay House cannot give general recommendations for the publication of your book: there are many choices available to prospective writers today (self-publishing or conventional publication; working with an agentless or non-agent collaborator; e-book or conventional book ) and you need to explore the choices yourself to find the best choice for your book.

What does this book do with the ones we are publishing? How would a book be chosen over the other publications in this section? Your book right for Hay House? {\pos (192,210)}Hay House doesn't release that kind of books: Abstract of the book and a summary of chapters.

A writer's bio, in which you explain why you wrote this book and all your experiences, skills, teaching experiences, and experiences with the press, as well as an evaluation of your on-line and interactive profiles. N. B.: Please submit only one proposed work. Publishing is a long and drawn-out procedure and it is important that you are sure which projects you prefer to tackle in the foreseen time.

Describe how your suggestion is different from current book titles on the open bookstore. Because of the number of entries, it can take up to 14 a week for a ruling to be made. Preferably, we send our contributions by e-mail. Unfortunately, Hay House has to decline most of the scripts we have.

Only a very restricted range of publications per year is available.

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