How to Submit a Book for Publication

Submitting a book for publication

Now, don't pay to submit your book for publication. At the moment we have a lot on our plate, so we had to decide reluctantly that we could not check unsolicited manuscripts or book suggestions. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts (manuscripts we have not requested) from Baker Books, Bethany House and Revell. Browse thousands of LDS books, movies, music, and more. Would you like to know how professional authors send their material for publication?

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If you are a self-published writer who would like to submit your book for peer reviews, please do so through BookLife. If you are a regular editor or free-lance journalist, please submit cover information via PW's GalleyTracker publishing plattform. It is an intuitively user-friendly system that helps you submit reviews (both hard copy and e-gallery) and allows you to view and add titles meta-data and keep an eye on the progress of each submission during the reviews lifecycle.

Children's books have their own rules, see below. Please use this contact sheet for job moves. Entries must be made three ( (3) month, four (4) if possible, before the first date of the publication date. Two (!) of every entry must be sent in. Entries of a particular copy will not be accepted.

A cover note should include a book summary or summary and all relevant promotional information, as well as the author's earlier title, fuzziness or recension. Selling book clubs, paperbacks, sound or film copyrights, authors' trips through 5 towns or more, a circulation of more than 10,000 copies or an advertising budgets of more than 30,000 dollars should be considered.

Every entry should be accompanied by a seperate front page or a note. Ready printed and hardcover book and manuscript can be entered. "Unbound F&Gs are only admissible for the entry of highly pictorial work. The following book types are tested: Here, too, children's magazines have their own rules (see below).

We' re looking at self-published works for reviews by BookLife. Religious title, as well as children's religious title, should now be sent to the above principal mailing list; children's religious title should be sent to the Children's Reviews Department. Do not call or send an e-mail to verify the verification state. No information can and will be provided as to whether and when a book is checked.

Publishing houses submitting tracks via GalleyTracker will get Galleytracker state-ups. We publish all our bookmarks before they are published. Therefore we ask you to submit the books for examination at least four month before the publication date. If available, please return two galley copy or pages that have been pleated and collected, followed by two completed book copy.

We will only consider reviewed works that have been composed for kids. Do not submit any book addressed to a parent or teacher. We cannot check copies or pages of manuscripts. When you don't have any F&Gs or a galley, please submit a completed copy of your book as soon as possible.

The audit will only consider accounts that have a domestic sales channels. No revisions or following issues in an incumbent run are reviewed. Also, please be aware that we seldom offer complete book covers on children's guides, activities guides, cookery textbooks or encyclopedias. When you submit a book to the children's section, please do not submit the same book to another journalist.

Any submission of children's literature should be sent to the following address: You can submit digital galley entries via our GalleyTracker App. Please provide the following information in addition to the books: prices, ISBN, reader ages (in years, not in marks ), number of pages and publication time. You will be added to our check list system, which will allow our book room to check the book sent to us.

Because of the amount of material we are receiving, please do not call us to ask for information about the papers that have been entered for the exam. We cannot and will not provide any information about whether and when a book is checked. We can only check a small percentage of the children's literature that is produced each year; for reasons of limited capacity we have to be very select.

We do not guarantee that you will receive a book with a comment. However, we look forward to receiving your entries. We understand the term Brazilian book as a book produced by Canadian-based publishers, both independent and multinational companies in Canada. It focuses on the work of native speakers from Canada as well as those of foreign writers who have been released in Canada.

Coverage of Canada is published in PW's periodic coverage section. To consider your book for a prepublication please submit at least four month before publication to our senior magazine reviewer, Leigh Anne Williams.

In order to speed up the submission procedure, PW will accept the submission of hardcover pages that are still being processed. For every track we need two pieces. Every galley sentence (even if several sentences are sent together) must be accompanied by a cover note or publication containing an advertising message and full biographical information - full cover, writer, publication date, full 13-digit ISBN, number of pages, first print numbers, advertising budgets, if any, and format(s).

Gaullets arriving without a publication date cannot be used. Usually PW does not check revisions or repackaging. Included with each galley sentence, the publication should include a book catalog or description, as well as information for the book authors, important market information and remarkable early notes.

If any of the information you submit changes after submission, please email us immediately. Don't send in artwork, photo albums or photo albums without illustration. An added and important remark for galley owners who come to our Canada bureau is that we ask editors to be aware of whether they have US laws or whether the book is being released in the US, and if so, by whom and when.

We' ll make sure that there are no duplicates of review material given by our New York offices and take into account the time of the review if publication deadlines in the US and Canada are not the same. Review from the Canada Bureau will be for adults literature and non-fiction. Children's and youth literature and religious literature should be sent to our US editorial staff.

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