How to Start Writing a novel

Beginning to write a novel

A new sci-fi author's diary. Where to start a novel? How to start a novel? That should get you going. Scenes can be written in any order to help you get a skeletal structure for your novel.

More importantly, it's the one that will help you get through to the end.

Writing a mystique novel

It' the most difficult part of writing a detective story begins. I' ve got a boyfriend who is so afraid of the text of his books that he's been writing more and more comprehensive designs for more than five years. Paraphrase could finally turn into some kind of comprehensive presentation, but I suspect it will be trailed down through the cannonball-boredness of a meeting room sale conversation.

It is reassuring to know everything in anticipation, but convenience is not what you should look for when you embark on the adventures of a new novel. I had to face the reality when I went beyond the 4th of my Henry Kennis Mystery is that even when you're working on the fifth episode of a long story full of intimate places and family personalities, each of the books makes its own rule and persistently denies to tell you what they are.

It turns out that to discover it for oneself is the real writing of history. Nevertheless, it is a nerve-wracking feeling to walk forward on tiptoes and stumble blindly through every single sequence as if you were walking through a pitch-black caves. Although it seems unlikely, the trail will appear again and again in every single volume and every single section.

Neither of them will get your work. A further picture that tells the start up of a books is the observation of the freezing of a lake. In my second volume, it was about someone being surrounded to support someone else, and that took a particularly long while. Every sequence at the beginning of the work is like a big U-Haul-Tray.

Afterwards, one puts it down rough where one imagines it (the first Tatort Visiting, on which I now work, belonged clearly to the beginning of the book), and begins to throw in different objects. They don't send the crate to someone who is important, they don't go into a real cop condominium with strict demands on the proof-string.

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