How to Start Writing a Book about your Life

Writing a book about your life

Begin by typing a few phrases like "My name is. You've done some things and you've done a lot with your life. So, before you put one word down on paper, find out how your story ends. You can start without consequences if you only want to wet your feet when publishing. You know in your bones that writing your book will change your life in many wonderful ways while changing the lives of others!

Journey into the past by William Zinsser

Though our histories often contain general topics, Zinsser proposes that we do not start writing about such topics, but instead tell our histories and let the topic(s) run from our experience. It also proposes that we do not start writing about what we consider important and interesting for others.

â??Describe small, self-contained and vivid recollections. When you recall them, it is because they contain a greater reality that your reader will realize in their own lives.â (7) Later Zinsser proposes that if we have the option between two different designs, one that we should be writing and the other that we see as a joke to take the pleasure it will show in our end game.

{48} â??Do not talk about what your reader wants to see or what your writers or your sales representatives want to sell about things that are important to you.â {201} If we are writing from our passion, we are more persuasive and can relate better to our reader.

It is a great challange to tell our history in such a way that it unites with our readership. Much more than a writing guide, Writing About Your Life. Esâ??s Zinsser wants to give its readers permission to be who they are. This was the service of his letter and it is shown in this book.

On the first pages Zinsser remembers his father's work (he had a firm that produced shellac). Iâ?? never felt that he regarded his shop as a means of making a living, but as an artwork that should only be practised with the best materials.â (2) The pursuit of excellence has stayed with Zinsser and is reflected in his letter.

Although you may be inspiring donâ??t to be a posted playwright, I do recommend this book.

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