How to Start Writing a Book about my Life

Writing a book about my life

" I had a great life, a man who loved me, a great job, a house with flush toilets, but I felt like a cheater. Begin distributing your book at conferences and networking events and you will receive an answer. You also have a phenomenal story to tell. You know, everybody says to write a book, but how do you do it? You don't know where and how to start.

Composing a book at 50 changes my lifestyle.

The W&H reader chose Debbie's novel "The Bones of You", the best crime novel of 2016. "I' ve always liked to get lost in a work. I tried to type from year to year, but when I showed my effort to the folks around me, they were quite disappointed and my bladder exploded.

Instead I had a diversified carreer, beginning as a flight attendant, where I got to know my man, a driver. I' d been losing my mom to a cerebral tumor the year before and there were a whole bunch of pent-up emotions that had to come out. It' a tale in my mind about a lady who a year after her death finds a note from her mom so that I can get home from work, get away from it all and enjoy my time in the backyard and pour it into notes.

This novel was the beginning. Sent it to operatives and got some default denials, but one said I was a'natural storyteller'. Over the next few years, when my florist shop was closed, I wrote. This Is Your Life' was the first volume I wrote about the loss of a mum.

I was astonished when foreigners purchased it and expressed their gratitude for it. 99 pence a year. Year before my fiftieth anniversary was peaceful for marriages and financial hard. I' ve chosen to write something a little bit weaker. And the other told the tale of someone when her body flared up in front of her.

I' finished'The Bones of You' in about two month. I' m sending the first three sections to operatives who purchased psycho-thrillers. At the end, four operatives wanted The Bones of You. Financial things have changed. After buying a new vehicle, I took the whole house with me for a beautiful, unique vacation in St. Lucia.

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