How to Start Writing a Blog

Getting started writing a blog

Step-by-step instructions on how to build a blog that generates income. - On the other hand, the good news is that if you can use Microsoft Word, Pages or Gmail, writing a blog entry in WordPress is just as easy. Getting a blog started in 20 mins. You want to start a blog. Blogs are not only a great way to pass the time, but with a blog you can communicate in a special way, help others with issues you have solved, become an established professional and even earn some monetar.

However getting started the RIGHT way in your blogsging careers can mean the distinction between a blog with a growing, loyal audience....or bad, another add-on to the web cemetery....or bad.

When you' re new to blogs, having someone to point you in the right directions and help you prevent making disastrous errors really does help. That' s why I created this page for you - to give a quick, fool-proof tutorial for novices to start a blog without learning HTML or wasting your precious tutorials.

I' ve compiled this extensive guide to guide you through the whole blog creation procedure in just 5 simple footsteps..... Here is how to start a blog: Select a blog viewing site. Sign up a domainname and host. Create your blog. Attach articles and pages. Begin to grow your blog. This page aims to help you find the right start today.

After more than 5 years of coachings and supporting my boyfriends with their blog I have noticed that many students make the same mistake when they start a blog, which sometimes leads them to cancel the whole process..... Here is the deal: Today I want to take you the case to publication this position thoroughly. It' about 4,000 words long (20 minutes), so make yourself comfortable and take some slack.

I will guide you through the whole checkout procedure for your self-hosted blog so that you'do it right the first time', without the frustration or headache I had with my very first blog. Will you be able to build your blog today? You need to select your blogsite before you can even think about what your blog will look like.

You have many options to select from. It is possible to build a blog with many different types of weblogs like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and more..... Given that today over 72 million people use WordPress (1), it is clear which one is the chief one. I use WordPress to build all my own blog and websites.

It is FREE for everyone (including topics, page layout and add-ons that many other web sites do not offer). It' save; WordPress always updates their plugin and keeps everything solid and save, so there's little concern that your blog will come under hacker attack. It' s no wonder NASA, Time Magazine and even the best college bloggers use WordPress (2).

You can find thousands of free themed and plug-ins that give your blog more features, from contacts and subscription accounts to plug-ins that enhance your blog's power and more. Whilst the other blogs are usually all fairly okay, nothing, in my view, has ever been near the liberty and customisation features that WordPress provides.

So, without a shadow of a doubt, go with WordPress. Particularly when you're just getting started. You undoubtedly have to post your WordPress blog yourself. That means you have full command over your own website and its contents. It' not only that - free blogs will also give you other problems.

Even more badly: You have no command over your contents - the blogs are. Your blog's web site will be long and difficult to memorize (like www.yourfreeblog.blogspot. com) instead of a memorable, brand-name location you use. It is not permitted to promote on most free blogs, which makes it much more difficult to make any kind of profit from them.

WordPress is subject to all these restrictions. All you really want is to have a WordPress yourself. Org-blog - it's the same piece of code without any restrictions! I would start with a self-hosted blog on my own site from the very first few days if I were you. This way you don't have to suffer the huge tech headaches I had when I switched from a free blog to a self-hosted blog.

It' simpler and cheaper to create such a blog than you might think, especially with the discount offer and voucher codes I have for you below..... There are two things you need to create a self-hosted blog on your own name: You can create your own blog on your own name: a blog on your own domain: Domainname - This will be your own blog site where you can find your article over and over again.

The Google website, for example, is Her new blog domainname will be unless you select what is behind YourNewBlog. Usually the costs of a given top level domains are $10/year, but if you are following this guideline all the way, I'll show you how to get one for much less....

Website Posting - This will be the home of your blog site and the contents that is on the blog. You cannot use your domainname without webhosting. Consider it a computer disk that will store all your contents in your blog (images, blog entries, etc.).

Usually the costs for good web hostings are between $10-15 per months, but you get over 70% discount with the voucher codes below. It' a relatively small but very important one for your long-term blogsuccess. How should I get my domain name and my host? There are only two things that are important when it comes to web-hosting.

Site loading rate - The mean loading rate (in seconds) your blog needs. You can find out more about the different web hosters of the world. All of them provide a similar services (domain name + hosting) at a relatively similar rate. Thankfully for you, I've already done the research to limit the listing to the one and only trusted resource you should use for your first blog.

Recollect, I want to help you avoiding the same errors I made when I first came into the blogging worId, and to store you from learning of all the insomIac evenI ng night from scrambIng to get your website back onInline. I have many well known and highly recommendable web hosters like Bluehost, ipadage, gadaddy etc.....but now I only use and suggest for domains and webhosting

But now I only use and suggest for domainnames and webhosting But now I only use and suggest for domainnames and webhosting I' m voting for HostGator because it's really important to them to help blogs like you and me as quickly and simply as possible.

Normally you would have to spend more than $10 per months to get a subscription plans with a prime provider, but today you can start for only $2.92/month. This is 72% discount on the only hosted offer you need with the voucher key "STARTBLOG". You can find this is the best rate for blogging anywhere.

At only $2. 92/month you have little to loose - and only tonnes of enjoyable bloging experiences to win. There is nothing like HostGator (see below) in relation to the pace and availability of blogs: HostGator has great features, is simple to use and is the best choice for novices like you.

For an SSL Certificate, your domainname starts with HTTPS and appears as secure with a secure SSL certificate with a secure key next to the SSL Certificate name: a secure SSL certificate with a secure name: HTTPS: They can always go with another webhosting service as long as it is quick and dependable and offers unrestricted disk space and bandwith.

And now that we've learned the fundamentals of blogs, it's getting ready for the stroll! In the next stage we will create your blog. No worries if you don't have a host or domainname yet. By the end of this stage (2) you have a fully functional, self-hosted WordPress blog on your own name!

If, for any of these reasons, you do not want to use HostGator, you can always select a different hoster. A number of hosters do not have a one-click installation for WordPress. In this case, read this manual for manual installation of WordPress (but not for novices). Get top-of-the-range for only $2. 92/month instead of $10.95!

You already have a domainname? But if not, take a look at our article to see how much a domainname actually cost. If you already have one, just type it in the correct field (I already own this domain) and proceed to the next stage by slightly downsizing.

What is the best way to select a good domainname? Ease to Memorize - Don't pick a nonsensical name, something difficult to spelt, or a long name full of hyphens. Trusted - domains like".com",".org" or".net" are the most common, where".com" is the one most often thought of first.

Enter the desired domainname in the field and then click on "next". When it is not available, select another. For now, I suggest the "Hatchling" schedule - you can always update later if you opt for enhanced functionality, but you get more than enough to get to work.

Make sure you use the "STARTBLOG" rebate codes for 72% rebate. As soon as you have signed in to your WordPress controlpanel (all the information you need should be in your inbox), it's and it' installation now. When WordPress is not available for some reasons, just slide down the system controls and click on "Quick Install" in the Software & Services area.

Have a look at the top of the page, in the lefthand side bar for WordPress. When you click, you are sent by default to - don't worry, this is just a page that will help HostGator set up the platform (like WordPress). Immediately you should see a window offering "Install" or "Import" WordPress.

After you are done, click "Install WordPress". As soon as you have done this, you will see a toolbar at the top of your page that will finally tell you that your WordPress blog has been uploaded and you will see your login information. In order to login to your blog, click on the administrator link. In case you have forgotten this link, it is wwwblog. com/wp-admin (where "yourblog" is your domainname).

Happy Birthday - You now know how to create a blog with WordPress. You have WordPress and your blog up! With your blog up and running, continue reading to see how you can create your blog and write your very first one. This section shows you some WordPress blog fundamentals, among others:

Once you have your blog up and running, you are now willing to use WordPress and customize your blog. It will be quite simple and funny at the same one. Please remember: You can login to your blog by going to www.yourblog. com/wp-admin/ and using the login details you have created at HostGator or another host.

WortPress blogs publishing uses artwork named "WordPress Themes" to find out what your website should look like. If you are logging in for the first timeout, you will see a similarly sized display of a diehboard or administration panel: Move your cursor over the "Appearance" register card in the Word-Press side bar and then click on "Topics". Click on the "Add new" or the large "Add new" field above to start the search for a topic.

The Feature Filter feature is great because you can pick topics in certain colour scheme, pick certain layout and even pick topics with built-in extended-functions. Simply set the desired filter and click on "Apply filter" on the lefthand side. Some things you need to do to make your blog more addictive to SEO.

To clean up your link, click on "Settings" -> "Permalinks" and use the following settings: 2. You do this for several purposes - to get someone from your blog to your blog and promote your services/products.

Meanwhile, you should have a fully functional WordPress blog on your own name. They should also have their own blog subject that matches the subject of their blog. At the LAST Stage I' ll show you how to start writing your first blog and give you some hints for writing blogpostings.

In order to create a new blog entry, click in the section "Posts" in the navigation bar on the lefthand side and then on "Add new". Allows you to enter the name of your blog entry in the top panel, and your message will be inserted in the large text area below the name. To store your design or share your contents by using the User Language User Language Toolbar on the far right of the page.

They can even plan the entry for later publication - or make it personal so that only they can see it. After publication, you will find your new contribution in the "All contributions" section of the "Contributions" page, so that you can process it at any time. Let's take a look at some things you can do to make your position more attractive:

In order to attach an artwork to your contribution, click on the "Add Media" icon on the right above the lower area. Tip: Before you click on "Add media", make sure that you have kept the mouse pointer in your blog entry where you want the picture to be displayed. When you find the document, double-click it and WordPress will load it up.

Once the download is complete, make sure the picture you want is chosen and then click the "Add to Post" tab to include the picture in the posting. Links to other sites are a good way to connect and exchange interesting contents. is the web adress of the links you want to release.

Please make sure that you enter "http://" before the adress " www.", otherwise your connection will be interrupted. This could be "click here" or whatever you want. Otherwise, when someone hits your links, they are leaving your blog. When you want to create a hyperlink to an already posted page, you can use the "Search" section to find an already posted article or page and click on it to create a new one.

Then click on "Add link" and your shortcut will be inserted where you placed your mouse pointer in the article you wrote. It is a good practice to use bold and header text to make it easy to view and browse your work. Tip: You can also mark the text to be edited in your blog entry, then click on the drop-down list and choose the text you want it to appear in.

With your blog up and running, it's a good idea to make your blog work. Items you need to do after you create your blog: I' m Go And Read These Posts. You' re up to taking your blog to the next level? As soon as you have some inventory on your blog, it's case to get any collection and kind it fat.

F: Which blog site should I use? B: WordPress. There are other blogs that are not in the same group. Which blog should I start? Here is how to select a blog theme that folks really want to do. Find out my articles how to make moneys from your blog. F: How do I select a domain name?

Here is more about choosing a domainname. Technically, however, the analysis tool Blog Traffics does not qualify as such. F: Is the Bloggen death? More than 409 million readers are reading blog entries every months. F: What is the discrepancy between a blog and a website? They may have fewer functions than a website and are focused on making really good contents.

That' s why a blog is more social, with posts and commentaries.

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