How to Start my Book

What do I do to start my book?

I was so excited to interview indie writers who funded their self-published book through crowdfunding sites like Kick Starter and Indiegogo. When there' s a burning story to tell, write it. May 2013 I released my first printed copy myself. I began to understand what it took to make and sell something that would make money.

This Weekend is a challenging minicourse and a series of focused step-by-step instructions to eliminate the "timesuck" of never-ending research and help you actually compose and release your work. The 12-minute tutorial, entitled With Five Re-asons to Use Self-Publishing as a Business Model, will lay the groundwork for our self-publishing game.

With this 15-minute tutorial (or text tutorial as an option) and the associated brain storming document, you'll learn the five most cost-effective ways to self-publish and help you use each of the models in your own organization. With this 27-minute visual (or text optional) session and the associated brain storming table, you can work through 25 one-of-a-kind brain storming challenges to develop your subject matter and even course/challenge thoughts or workshop/resource plans that will help you advertise your books or extend them in the years to come.

A 3-minute fast tutorial and spreadsheet to help you define real-world and useful objectives for your books for your audiences and people. You' ll take two sessions (an 11-minute and nine minute tutorial ) to teach a baseline tutorial for information business leaders, the stunt behind deceiving the decision what to start writing, and the almost deceptive way to finish your design and make sure what you make really serves your audiences.

A 23-minute in-depth tutorial to help you create an efficient booking design and sales center. You' ll find out what a club contains, how to organize your club and some of the free on-line building utilities. Please note: Read below for information about your unique participation bonus for Launch Your Books This Weekend.

A 30-page self-publication road map of your own textbook and a 90-minute guided tutorial will take you through each stage. With this 28-minute tutorial, you'll help you make three of the best selling hoppers for your novels (plus a top Secret 4th hopper guy I've used recently and it works very well).

There is the logic/setting of the start point and single e-mails or funnel messages.... with concrete samples. From the 2-hour and 45-minute workshops, you'll see how to make eye-catching PDFs in Apple Pages and eBooks (ready for Kindle) in Microsoft Word.

May 2013 I released my first printed copy myself. I began to understand what it took to make and sell something that would make money. I' had to study all 30 moves I taught you at your Begin Your Books This Weekend (SYBTW).

This was a hard and fun thing to do and I wouldn't exchange the opportunity to make my first publication profit. I edited my second printed volume myself in December 2014. Since then, this is the only monthly full-time source of revenue. I' ve become more focused about my publisher style (as I show you in one of the 15-minute videos above) and I have made it my mission to attract an audiences of people who are enthusiastic about the same things that I am.

I' d like to help you go on a sensible trip this week-end..... the successful self-publication of your own textbooks as an effective working environment that you really enjoy and appreciate. That is for you when you said: "I'm really starting my story this month" or when folks told you: "Really, you have to release a game.

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